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Bachmann Wins People’s Choice

The League of Conservation Voters (LCR) has announced their #1 target this election cycle. Not surprisingly, Representative Michele Bachmann is the winner of the “People’s Choice” of the 2010 Dirty Dozen, a list the LCR compiles every year that includes elected officials, regardless of party, who fail to embrace the way liberals view energy and the environment:

“Representative Bachmann’s landslide win as the ‘People’s Choice’ clearly shows voters are fed up with her over-the-top, anti-science rhetoric in which she continually parrots the talking points of Big Oil and other corporate polluters,” said Tony Massaro, LCV Senior Vice President for Political Affairs. “Instead of standing up for new clean energy jobs for Minnesota, Representative Bachmann’s voting record and antics demonstrate that she’s more interested in keeping us hooked on the same failed energy policies of the past.”

Bachmann may have said a few things to ruffle even conservatives’ feathers, but most agree with and appreciate her stance on the environment and energy. The LCR’s mission is right out of a Democrat playbook; only liberals think clean energy is the wave of the future. Their policies might sound progressive but will do nothing to lower gas prices and keep the cash in your wallet.

Because of Bachmann’s ranking, the LCR is putting a bulls eye on her head this cycle. Depending on how serious they are about bringing money in, she may or may not have to worry about them. During the last midterm elections, they only spent roughly $800,000–spread out over multiple candidates. However, they spent the most–$179,357–on Rep Richard Pombo (R-CA). Assuming he was their #1 target during that cycle, that amount of cash probably bought a few good ads and he was defeated (though there were allegations of corruption in addition to opposition from environmentalists).

This kind of announcement, this early in the game, shows Bachmann’s race will be a top priority with the DNC and other like-minded organizations and money will be pouring in from outside Minnesota to try and defeat her.

However, Bachmann has a couple things going for her. While Minnesotans as a whole tend to lean towards liberal views on energy and environment (some argue Governor Pawlenty embraces some of those, although with less liberal zeal) Bachmann’s district is more conservative in these areas. As demonstrated by the rally in Minnesota last week, she has an earnest following that her opponent, Taryl Clark, has yet to resemble even remotely. Bachmann has proven she can bring in some cash herself. In her fourth quarter alone, she brought in nearly $600,000 and ended 2009 with over $1 million in cash on hand.

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