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Larry Alex Taunton
Larry Alex Taunton is a cultural commentator, freelance writer, and the author of The Faith of Christopher Hitchens and The Grace Effect. You can follow him at or on Twitter @larrytaunton.
by | Apr 10, 2020

Mississippi State University head football coach Mike Leach is a renowned eccentric and smart aleck. His press conferences are often…Read More

by | Apr 8, 2020

Some things that are written age better than others. I recall as a graduate student in history doing research at…Read More

by | Apr 1, 2020

Last week, I returned from Spain, the coronavirus epicenter. I wasn’t back for more than 48 hours before I detected…Read More

by | Mar 25, 2020

Last night I returned from Spain. Along with Italy, it is the so-called epicenter of the coronavirus in Europe. Worse,…Read More

by | Jan 26, 2020

One of my favorite authors is the late British journalist, intellectual, and cultural critic Malcolm Muggeridge. I was reminded of…Read More

by | Jan 5, 2020

It’s official: America is losing its religion. According to the Pew Forum, Gallup, the General Social Survey, and several other…Read More

by | Dec 28, 2019

In April, I published my list of The Top Ten Evilest People of All Time. It was, I admit, a…Read More

by | Dec 23, 2019

As the race for the Oval Office was heating up back in 2012, I published a little column that caught…Read More

by | Dec 2, 2019

A generation ago, cultural critic Neil Postman published the clever little book Amusing Ourselves to Death. In it, Postman considers…Read More

by | Nov 17, 2019

University of Oxford developmental psychologist Dr. Olivera Petrovich has spent years researching a single question: Are children predisposed to belief…Read More

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