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Bernie Upsets Hillary in Michigan

Just when you thought Hillary had the Democratic Party nomination all sewn up, Bernie Sanders pulls off a huge upset in Michigan.

WIth 93% of the polls reporting, Bernie wins 50.1% of the vote compared to 48% for Hillary Clinton. He will leave Michigan with 63 of the state’s 116 delegates.

His triumph is fascinating considering all the heat he took following the debate on Sunday where he was taken to task for shushing Hillary and for suggesting that white people don’t live in ghettos. Maybe Bernie is wearing a thin coat of teflon.

Don’t get me wrong. Nothing short of an indictment will stop Hillary from getting the Democratic Party nomination. Yet while lead in the delegate count is greater than 2:1 (1,215 to 566 as of this writing) those superdelegates are an indictment of the Democratic Party’s voting process. As messed up as the Republican Party is, at least GOP elected officials are not afforded special status and if they were Donald Trump probably wouldn’t be where he is right now. But I digress.

Bernie has now won 9 of 22 contests. In addition to Michigan, Bernie has won in New Hampshire, Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Maine and, of course, his home state of Vermont. Bernie cannot be dismissed neither as a regional nor a single issue candidate. It will be very interesting if Bernie has any more triumphs a week from tonight. While I don’t think he has a prayer in North Carolina and would be shocked if he rose out of the swamps in Florida , he could do well in Illinois, Missouri and Ohio. 

Over the next week, it will be interesting to see if Hillary shifts her focus from Trump back to bashing Bernie.

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