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The Elephant in the Womb

When someone begins by saying “I promised myself I would not…” he or she is about to tell you why they are breaking the promise. The only suspense left is to see if they are making a clean break or they are reluctant to see the premise of the promise slip away. In that spirit, I promised myself I would not write any more about the Planned Parenthood videos, and I would allow my initial response to serve as my last word.

So sure enough Jeb Bush goes and sticks his fibula into his mandible and then fibs like a man doubling back over his tracks. Once the foot is in the male mouth, the female predator (Hillaryus Clintonus) can sink her claws into his throat. And so once again we have the usual Republican abortion and the usual Democrat trying to profit from the body parts.

In fact, Hillary deemed Jeb Bush’s flub (“I’m not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women’s health issues”) as sufficient cover to envelop Planned Parenthood back in her clingy embrace: “What Jeb Bush says other Republicans think. Whoever attacks Planned Parenthood attacks women’s health and whoever attacks women’s health attacks America’s health.”

So that’s it, eh? One Republican quack fails to duck and the vivisectionists at Planned Parenthood get to wield their hacksaws with impunity? I don’t think so… to Hell with my promise!

It is time once again to acknowledge the elephant in the room, beginning at the beginning. Everything about Planned Parenthood is a lie, starting with its name. To call this murder mill by that name is the equivalent of calling Dr. Kevorkian’s operation Planned Livelihood. In the same way he helped kill people whose lives were not proceeding as planned, Planned Parenthood helps kill children who do not fit into their prospective parents’ plans.

Nor do they offer this service for free. They charge what they can for it and when the patient cannot pay they bill that old drunkard, Uncle Sam. The U.S., aka us.

Most of this slaughter takes place in the “minority community.” In other words, black lives do not matter. They do not matter except to the extent that a weak and fearful mother can pay, and to the extent that the besotted Uncle can toss a few tax dollars into the pot, and to the extent that their little organs can be harvested for sale to “science.” No, they do not donate to science. Science donates to them.

Now they always hasten to assure us they have abandoned the eugenicist views of founder Margaret Sanger, who believed blacks to be inferior and who hoped to cull the herd down to manageable size. Yet the irony is that as an organization they are acting to fulfill her dream exactly. She wanted black babies aborted to “purify” the racial stream, and today’s non-racist Planned Parenthood seeks to empower black women by… well, by aborting their babies. Same method, same result.

This is a great strategy. Keep the old malevolent approach, achieve the same maleficent outcome, but hide the malice behind a soft curtain of fluffy rhetoric. Why, we could use this to bring back the Ponzi scheme, and call it something like… say, Social security. We could bring back the barbarian practice of starving the aged and infirm to death and we could call it… say, hospice care.

We dare not allow this opportunity to pass. It took years of undercover work to bring us the insider look at Planned Parenthood. They ignore the life in the ultrasound picture; we must not ignore the death in the video clips. So let us testify to the truth before God and Man.

Here are the questions before us: who in the gory history of the 20th and 21st centuries has murdered the most doctors? The most artists? The most lawyers? The most musicians? The most athletes? The most intellectuals? The most mechanics? The most inventors? The answer, my friends, is not Stalin, not Hitler, not Mao, not Pol Pot. It is that Orwellian monstrosity, that relic of the eugenicist and racist era of the late 1900s, Planned Parenthood.

More hell than health…

There is little planning going on, and even less parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the friendly neighborhood place… where love goes to die… where they charge for labor and for parts… where they give a hand to science, and charge an arm and a leg… where little people get a death so big people can get a life. If we do not have the strength to close its doors, we must at least have the strength to close our pockets.

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