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Karr Wreck

Re: William Tucker’s Grotesque Ignorance Exposed:

I read of a Colorado ruling where inmates are allowed to have sex changes in prison at taxpayer expense. I believe this is Karr’s motive for coming back — to complete the procedure he started in Thailand.

You act as though it is unusual and/or unreasonable for someone to be “arrested on nothing more than his own words” as though that is a lousy standard for arrest. What kind of moronic district attorney would allow someone to confess to a crime but send them away until they could find sufficient evidence to get an indictment independent of the confession? (Of course, there is no state in the country where a confession wouldn’t be sufficient to convict.) I understand that Mr. Karr is possibly delusional, but that doesn’t mean you don’t cool his heels until you get a handle on whether he did it or not.
Timothy S. Comer
Flower Mound, Texas

It seems that Mr. Tucker is the poster child for Grotesque Ignorance in his take on the Ramsey case.

Mr. Tucker seems to think that there is all this incriminating “evidence” in the Ramsey case and falls back on the old media assumptions that made this case a huge fiasco in the first place. Mr. Tucker seems to believe that it is weird that the person that left the ransom note knew that Ramsey was from the South, had his own business, and carried an attache case. What it says to me is that the culprit may very well have been someone that the family was acquainted with. I mean lots of business men carry attache cases, it would not be too hard to find out if a person ran his own business, and I don’t think that Georgia drawls are that common in Boulder, Colorado.

As for it being suspicious that the family hired an attorney, I bet Mr. Tucker would have done the same thing if early on in an investigation he was publicly accused by the police of having something to do with the murder of his own child. That would have a huge effect on any interaction with the cops that a reasonable person had with them, as they had decided that one of the parents had committed the murder!

To the matter of John Ramsey finding the body, the cops had access to the room that Jon-Benet was found in before they sent John Ramsey to search the basement for his daughter. They found that the door to the room was stuck and instead of trying to open the door, they just skipped the room. Now if you have a police force that is too damned lazy to pull open a stuck door while searching for a missing child, how much better do you really think the rest of the investigation is going to go?

The cops screwed the case up from the beginning by not trying to immediately interview the Ramsey family, by allowing all sorts of people to come in and out of their crime scene, and by making their decision about guilt without conducting a complete investigation.

Now, sadly it seems that Mr. Tucker has succumbed to the same type of tunnel vision that the Boulder Police had in their “investigation.” Mr. Tucker seems to be saying that since he thinks the Ramsey’s did it…then they did it! I honestly have come to expect way better than this from TAS and its contributors. This has generally been where I could get well-informed, well-reasoned commentary and this particular article is a disappointment to me.

For a good synopsis of the Jon-Benet Ramsey case, check out one that tells the whole story.
The Flagwaver

I am concerned about the social response to the John Mark Karr incident. This man has a reputation for being obsessed with little girls, including JonBenet, and admitted to killing her. Many people are saying we should not have brought this man in for an investigation, but what would these people have us do? Would it better to find a suspect who admits to the crime and then do nothing about it? Such an act would draw even more criticism.

Bringing that man in for questioning was the right thing to do. I believe that those who are critical of the Boulder Police for doing so are simply grinding their axe with hindsight and speculation, an easy thing to do when one is distant from the case itself. Let’s stop being so critical of the investigators and thank them for working hard at bringing a killer to justice, even after ten years.
Adam Jones
Arlington, Texas

When William Tucker wrote “What the whole incident revealed is the grotesque ignorance of the American press,” he gave them too much credit. His statement implies that if the press were only aware of the facts, then they wouldn’t have created the Karr fiasco.

Instead, it’s not a question of the press’ ignorance but rather their whorish predisposition to do absolutely anything for good copy. After all, why let such moldy concepts like truth and virtue get in the way of a story?

What the whole incident revealed is the grotesque appetite of the American people for such reporting.
Kitty Myers
Painted Post, New York

Over the years I have become convinced that many journalists are the least informed segment of the American public. This press parade over this Karr fellow was more about media air time than it was about anything having to do with the facts. There were a few folks, primarily the blogs and talk-radio, that had this media recess deconstructed a week ago, and without television this would have died without so much more than a medi-brief.

Since we now have the facts about Plame-gate, and the disconcerting fact that it was a 4-year media manipulation to protect one of their own, we can see that the “mainstream media” may have competition, but they are as dangerous as ever. Add to both cases a more-than-willing media/attention starved wing of law enforcement (The Duke fiasco also comes to mind) and we have wanton destruction of people’s lives, careers and no one to correct “law enforcement gone bad”.

The media can feed us schlock all day and not be charged with any crime, but who’s going to clamp down on these over-zealous lawmen that prosecute for footage and fame rather than real justice?
P. Aaron Jones
Huntington Woods, Michigan

Mr. Tucker illustrates one of the two major faults of our press. His point is the ignorance of reporters in all media. That is true. Older workers have more experience, knowledge and discretion. Youngsters are interested only in the moment. They care not a whit for consequences or lives ruined. They care only about me and now.

The second flaw is that the press is no longer free. There is no competing ideology in any of the mass media. If we want to know about the environment we ask Al Gore not a scientist. If we want to know what President Bush thinks we ask Ted Kennedy or Jean Jacques Kerry, not President Bush.

So as long as the MSM marches in lock goosestep with the liberal ideological beat, it is irrelevant. Completely and utterly irrelevant.

Let’s hope the MSM powers that be never figure that out.
Jason Brutus Kane
Palm Beach, Florida

Tucker’s article is generally well argued and properly nails the sensationalist media. One weakness, however, is his theory of JonBenet being murdered by her mom upon discovery that the father was sexually abusing his daughter. If Karr has been eliminated as a suspect by DNA testing, and since the parents were prime suspects, the obvious question is whether or not DNA testing includes or excludes dad. It seems that avenue would have been pursued already.
Steve Bauer

Another possibility is that the brother killed her and both mother and father covered it up so as to not lose both of their children. But if there is DNA, were the parents and brother tested? Seems if they were not involved they would have welcomed being cleared.
Elaine Kyle

At the intersection of pedophilia and child murder stand furiously scribbling journalists, jostling for a better view. Their children must be so proud.
David Govett
Davis, California

Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s Class Dismissed:

This article is outstanding.

It accurately summarizes the liberal dream.

We need to start framing the liberal vs. conservative debate in the context of Marxism vs. free market ideologies.

Seeing our country and some of the states slide (or race, as the case may be) toward socialism is quite sad.
Christopher A. Hall
Knoxville, Tennessee

Another reason for the anti-Wal-Mart wackos? It can mean their bumper sticker can stay on the car a few more years, you know — the one with the large W covered by the circle with the slash! Brilliant! Don’t give up the hate, channel it to additional productive use.
Roger Ross
Tomahawk, Wisconsin

It is the Democrats that push the racial issue, by saying in so many words that blacks are second-class citizens and cannot compete without quotas. I am tired of hearing “African-American” every time I turn around, what is wrong with just being AMERICAN.

The Republicans are in the majority, but it is very hard to tell that, since they have not done any thing about Social Security, immigration, border security or much else that matters. Letting workers put some of their SS contributions into a private account would take some of the power of the federal government away and the Dems cannot stand losing any control.

The Dems can’t stay in power if their second-class citizens decide to take charge of their own lives.

Go Wal-Mart, I shop there once a week and make a list of specials from other stores and most of the time Wal-Mart’s prices are lower than the sale price at other stores.
Elaine Kyle

Re: Patrick Hynes’s God’s Other Party:

The Democrats intent to appeal to the religious vote has such a fundamental flaw in it that it’s like trying to square a circle.

Namely, should the Democrats seriously talk about religious values, it will soon turn off, if not enraged, the party’s activist core of militant secularists. The net root kooks threw a hussy fit over 95-proof liberal Joe Lieberman’s support for the war in Iraq. Imagine what they would do if, say, so-called Catholics like Democrat Joe Biden or Teddy Kennedy actually started supporting the Church’s position on essential issues like abortion and homosexual marriage.

But of course, the Democrats are not contemplating any such thing. Rather, their plan is to twist and pervert traditional religious values so as to fit their Gospel of Socialism. This is much like what the leftist Maryknoll Missionaries did in Latin America in the 1980’s. Then, these lost souls used the heresy of “liberation theology” as a pretext for supporting communist Danny Ortega and other leftists. Socialism replace Church doctrine, and Marks replaced Christ as the Savior.

Liberation theology was shown to be a fraud and was censured by John Paul II. Maryknoll ended up being discredited in the eyes of Catholics all across the country and is now a dying organization. Similarly, the Democrats attempt to appeal to religious value voters while at the same time keeping the party as a comfortable home for the loathsome likes of the abortion industry, homosexual activists, & America-haters will be a flop.

The one strategy which the Democratic Party has not tried — indeed, cannot try — is being honest with the voters.
Peter Skurkiss
Stow, Ohio

Mr. Hynes writes: “The tracts deride increased religion in public life as hints of a looming ‘theocracy.'”

Why is it that Liberals can see a “looming theocracy” at home but fail to see one approaching from the Middle East?
Danny L. Newton
Cookeville, Tennessee

As a white, male, Southern Believer I’m not listening to the Democrats and their phony appeal to “values voters.” Why should I?

Unlike Adam and Eve I know when the snake is lying.
Michael Tomlinson
Crownsville, Maryland

Re: Beverly Gunn’s letter in Reader Mail’s Sea and Hear No Evil and Ken Shreve’s letter (under “Kofi Drops”) in Reader Mail’s Salt of the Earth:

I read Beverly Gunn’s wonderful letter Monday (as all of hers are) and Ken Shreve’s remarks (his are always good also) and I find this pattern of “sacrifice” confusing.

It’s usually the left-wing America haters that bring up the concept of shared sacrifice in a time of war. That might have worked in the 1940s when goods were more scarce and, even if not true, we needed to be united against the threat from large autonomous states. I agree this global threat is much worse, but I don’t think the same tactic of sacrifice works.

I think we should be more of what we are to help defeat this enemy. More capitalistic, more consuming, more job development, more global in reach, more open, more tolerant, more free, etc.

But yet we are sacrificing. Aren’t gasoline prices over $1 a gallon more than we were used to in the 1990s? Everyone whines about them so they must hurt. And according to the liberal liars in the press, aren’t wages stagnant? Aren’t jobs being outsourced (that issue fell off the radar)? Isn’t manufacturing in the United States supposedly disappearing (it’s not)? How about inflation? Global warming? Increased poverty rates? Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer? Health-care costs astronomical? Obesity dangerously high? Toe stubbing on the rise?

Seems that if you read the news of the day we are all sacrificing more than we know. But I’m pretty certain if President Bush gave a fireside chat asking for more shared sacrifice he’d get the proverbial middle finger. How dare he ask us to give up our third cell phone, our 12 year old’s laptop, new boat, digital cable, high speed wireless Internet, Netflix membership, HBO (can’t miss The Sopranos), next Spring’s new fashions, American Idol, dining out, mowing our own yards, driving a new car for less than three years, etc.

I think we can agree this country doesn’t want to sacrifice anything even to save itself today. Just look at reality — we create a front in the global war on these terrorist thugs and their evil masters in the belly of the beast by putting a large footprint in Iraq and now almost 60% of idiots polled think it’s a mistake because their strings are easily pulled by jerks on TV whining that we’ve lost 2,600 brave men and women in the last three and a half years so we must retreat because we can’t handle it and need to rebury our heads in the sand.

Besides, it’s obviously more important to see if Rita Cosby can get an interview with that creepy liar Karr guy. Priorities you know.
Greg Barnard
Disgusted with it all in Franklin, Tennessee

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