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Held Accountable

Re: George Neumayr’s AnotherSham.gov:

A friend of mine who patrols E-bay bulletin boards has recently been seeing a lot of conversations like the following:

Person A: When will I be able to get free medical care?
Person B: Be patient. President Obama promised it would be available soon.
Person A: I hope so. I need a lot of care.

Hang on to your wallets. It’s going to be an impoverishing ride into the indefinite future.
David Govett
Davis, California

I’m glad Mr. Neumayr put the word “tyranny” up there in bright lights. Now I would be very grateful if someone would please confirm the following.

1. Neither socialism nor communism can take root in a capitalist economy which is thriving. I’m not a Marxist, but Obama is reputed to be one, yet I know that. Surely he does.

2. Saul Alinsky taught that radicals cannot bring about change unless they first either find or create discontent. I’m not a disciple of Alinsky, but Obama is reputed to be one, yet I know that. Surely he does.

3. Not a hundred days into his administration, and Obama has already taken huge steps toward wrecking the American economy (and China will soon own our government).

4. Not a hundred days into his administration, and Obama has already begun to nationalize our most fundamental capitalist systems — banking in several aspects, and our most important industry, the automobile industry (which means control over the thousands of industries that depend on it).

5. Not a hundred days into his administration, and Obama has already begun to remove or weaken important elements of our democratic form of government, starting with the basis for all of them — voting.

6. Obama has put us on a path which will be very hard to reverse. WARNING! Tyranny Ahead!

If I’m right, our future looks very grim.
A. C. Santore

A local newscaster recently, in an orgiastic outburst of fervent support for President Obama, called the stimulus bill a “transformative” piece of legislation.

Initially I thought this comment just another “shock” running up Chris Matthews’ leg — more cheerleading for socialism by the networks. However after some reflection I have come to agree with this newscaster. The stimulus act may be the most radically transforming legislation ever passed by any deliberative body in history.

In an instant Americans were all transformed from citizens to ATMs for the sole and exclusive use of the government.
Jay Molyneaux
North Carolina

Re: Aaron Goldstein’s Reagan and Milk:

Ronald Reagan helped defeat California’s Proposition 6 for principle, not political gain; as noted the risks far outweighed the possible reward, and history clearly shows Reagan was no fool (despite the continuing historical revisionism of the left’s agit prop against his intelligence). Reagan well understood the slippery slope of government overreaching. He opposed the Nanny State in general and specifically, in this case , having the government peering into teachers’ bedrooms. Unlike too many politicians today, Reagan was a man of principle, not opportunity. (“Never waste a crisis,” is something that would never cross Reagan’s mind, let alone his lips.)

For those who fear the coming Obamageddon, find comfort in remembering that if America hadn’t endured four years of the Peanut President reigning over America, the American people might not have been ready to do what was necessary to bring about the morning sunshine in America. As Issiah shared the word of God to the Israelites, “Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.” (Issiah 48:10) We are in a time of testing, but we have endured worse and come out stronger from the testing.
— Ira M. Kessel
Rochester, New York

Re: Christopher Orlet’s Shut Up, He Instructed:

I would bet you dollars to donuts that our esteemed college professor, Mr. Matteson, sees himself as the epitome of open-mindedness and tolerance. The only problem with gents like him is that they are too immature to accept a differing viewpoint. I believe it was Carol Moseley-Braun who years ago spewed this classic line, “We have a constitutional right not to be offended.” Well Mr. Matteson, you have offended me and I demand recompense: twenty bucks and a large pizza. As for the Brits, they are in effect finished. Cowards rule the roost in the land of Churchill.
Ray Rieber
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Intolerance and fear are infallible signs of illegitimate fascist regimes such as America’s. The juvenile liberal mind is arrested in pre-adolescence and thus is incapable of arguing ideas. Hence the only response is to silence the opposition. America is a nation ruled by children for children. Its only reflex to opposition is to squelch it and the witch trials are now heating up.

The little brat Obama only includes reporters in press conferences who favor his left-wing ideas and adore him. He prevented unfriendly newspapers’ reporters from boarding his campaign plane. The witch Pelosi excluded Republicans from TARP 2 discussions. Folks, we live in a totalitarian state and no one wants to fight it. Shame on you lazy sloths. The fairness doctrine will bury you.

Please don’t confuse my harsh adjectives for slimy despots as attacks ad hominem. I am in full opposition to their actions which in turn reveals their true natures. I will call a spade a spade and a dictator a dictator.
David Bonn

I am offended by people who want to exclude the right to offend. What now?

— David Govett
Davis, California

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Giggly Diplomacy:

“Throughout her public life Hillary Clinton has proved to be a formidable figure not because of her intelligence and certainly not because of her high moral character. She has been propelled to the heights of public life because she is an exhibitionist.”

Actually Comrade Hillary is where she is only because she’s Bill Clinton’s wife. She rode Bill’s coattails to being a big shot at the Rose law firm, to the position of First Lady, to election as a U.S. Senator, to coming within a whisker of winning the Democratic presidential nomination, and now to being head of the State Department.

And although each of these stops enhanced the ‘girlish’ Hillary status, they all helped to demeaned America.
Peter Skurkiss
Stow, Ohio

Does it bother anybody that the Secretary of State is talking about the weather, the head of DHS hates to even mention war, and the person 2nd in line to be commander-in-chief thinks it should be okay to talk about national security secrets if you have even the slightest misgiving about their premises and underpinnings?   

The weight of the whole world now rests on the shoulders of Bob Gates.
Bob Montgomery
Yorktown, Indiana 

“Girlishness” as an adjective for Hillary Clinton? Whatever happened to our lovely Bruno?

Huma Abedin, Kiki McLean, Cheryl Mills, Philippe Reines, Lissa Muscatine, Lona Valmoro, Maggie Williams, and others, no doubt, all sound like women’s names. Don’t you think Hillary could use a little more muscle? Where are the likes of Craig Livingstone, Anthony Pellicano, Webster Hubbell, Anthony Marceca? What will Dear Leader think when he stands brow to bodice with Hillary?
Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Re: James Bowman’s Perma Frost:

I have never seen this movie nor the interviews — except for brief excerpts some docu-hack presents as evidence for its storyline — but this film and its explicit and implied theses are a continuation of the smog and deceit engineered by the CIA and the oligarchs ruling and ruining this country. Nixon was removed from power because the oligarchy via the CIA wanted him gone and only saved him a bullet for various causes Nixon had served in the cold war and because the assassinations of the 1960s would have drawn too much attention to a pattern capable of exposing the wickedness of our occult leaders. Nixon’s ouster was a political assassination and nothing less.

I will mince no words when I say that the CIA and its handlers removed Nixon from office. As the frost interviews show Nixon was totally clueless about how a staged break-in grew into a cancer upon the presidency. Nixon was betrayed by his chief of staff who was instrumental in the 18 minute gap and other damning leaks which destroyed the Nixon presidency. Haig — and not FBI stooge Felts — was the Deep Throat who undermined the Nixon presidency. The history of the naval espionage spying on the White House has never been told and purveyors of lies like Bob Woodward and his knowledge of it remains buried in a quagmire with films like this throwing a false scent.

I say this not as a Nixon defender. But for a band of invisible men to remove from office a man elected by the people is to show the arrogance of power. It was not Nixon’s imperial presidency but the imperial dictatorship of the elite of this nation who removed Nixon. Nixon was stabbed not by Democrats all too eager to jump on red meat but by the eastern Republican establishment with the likes of Rockefeller and Bush as leading lights.

Films like this are a disgrace to the true history of the United States. Fortunately the truth will out — perhaps only on judgment day — but it will surely out.
David Bonn

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Is Dick Durbin a Racist:

“The Ku Klux Klan…served as the military arm of the Democrats…”

Jeffrey Lord dignifies the Democratic party by referring to the Ku Klux Klan as their military arm. “Terrorist wing,” à la Hamas, might be a more accurate characterization.
Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Re: W. James Antle, III’s Hide the Amendments :

Slowly. Sadly. Disturbingly. Disgustingly. American is becoming more like The People’s Republic of China. Liberal (oh, excuse me, Progressive) policy has put America on the slippery slope towards nationalizing banks and a socialist business model. If the Hyde Amendment falls and all tax payers are forced (and since taxes are compulsory, the term forced is the correct one) to pay for elective abortions, this adopts another Chinese policy, the one where the government charges the family for the bullet used to execute a family member. Sad, disturbing and disgusting indeed.
Ira M. Kessel
Rochester, New York

Re: Nicole Russell’s Have Faith:

Anybody — anybody — who believes what pretend-Christian Barack Obama is doing is deceiving himself or herself. Especially if Obama has the support of the “religious left.”

And shame on any church or denomination that allows this secular Chicago wolf in religious sheep’s clothing to attach any strings to it. They’ll get what they deserve if they put their faith and trust in this particular prince of the earth.

And that will happen because they will have intentionally chosen to be deceived or they will have forgotten that, as many have observed and written in the past and currently, everything that Barack Obama says comes with an expiration date.

C. Kenna Amos
Princeton, West Virginia

Re: William Yeatman & Jeremy Lott’s The Doomsday Bias

Any adviser of Obama’s giving him “impartial” advice? Please.

Me, I don’t hope for a junk scientist of Holdren’s stripe and Al Gore’s wacko-doomsaying-eco-religionist tribe as Obama’s or anyone else’s science adviser, in or out of government.

America deserves better. Someone who may actually understand what “center of gravity” means. And what it means to be wrong and have the humility to admit as much.

Someone understands what the late and brilliant physicist and Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman once said: “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it [your theory] doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.”

That’s the kind of impartial and intellectually honest science adviser for whom I hope in government and elsewhere.

But not Holdren.
C. Kenna Amos
Princeton, West Virginia

It is worse than just Dr. Holdren’s views. See the “Second Review Draft of the Unified Synthesis Produce Global Climate Change in the United States” aka “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States.” Some of the supporting charts indicate that before the late 1800s the temperature never exceeded 100 F in Phoenix, AZ, and that the ice coverage in the Great Lakes will soon be less than zero percent. The former strains credulity and the latter is plain silly. The “science” in too many instances is non-science or, more bluntly, nonsense. An incredibly complex issue has been trivialized to a problem with a simple (probably wrong) solution — reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Ideology trumps science — but only in the short run. Remember Lysenko.
Glenn Niblock

Re: George H. Wittman’s Russia’s Dirty Big Secret:

In “Russia’s Dirty Big Secret,” George Wittman puts his finger on a reality in Russia that is crucial to understand. As he says, Russian law enforcement is mobbed up. That might not be a big surprise given our developed reflex of adding the word ‘mafia’ to the word ‘Russian.’ But how many people realize that the notion of ‘mafia’ in Russia includes the state, the bureaucracy, private business people, as well as traditional thugs? During my 7 years of living in the Soviet Union and Russia and working with the Russian police, KGB, and other agencies, it was not surprising to hear about shoot-outs between various law enforcement agencies for control of pieces of the economy, including customs posts, ports, airports, factories, and so on. There is little black-and-white, good guy/bad guy distinction on the Russian criminal landscape. Like many Russian winter days, it’s all shades of gloomy grey.
Joe Serio
Author, Investigating the Russian Mafia

Re: Jeff Emanuel’s Mark Sanford Bails Out:

We need the Republicans who voted against the Stimulus Package but are now accepting stimulus money to be held accountable for their actions. They need to be contacted, but there is almost no way to reach representatives, governors, etc. unless one lives in their district or state. There must be a way to get lists of these turncoats as well as their email addresses and phone numbers.

This insanity must stop or there will not only be a revolt ‘on paper’ but a physical one as well. Right-minded conservatives are getting fed up with the wimpy Republicans who are sabotaging our country in concert with the liberals.
Jim Umhofer

Re: Quin Hillyer’s We’re Not OK, Jack

Being a conservative (i.e., not a Republican), I know full well the last thing I want appearing on the scene is Kemp II.

Scorched into my heart and mind is the trip the dudly duo (Kemp and His Holiness Father William) made to California in September 1994 to urge Republicans to vote against the “racist” Proposition 187. Of course, the MSM made full use of their preaching and succeeded in changing the votes of some voters, not by reason but by reason of “guilt.” One “former” liberal of some influence, wavering on the fence, was Rabbi Prager. Their arguments did sway him, and he widely publicized the fact that he would vote NO.

Fortunately, a supermajority of California voters at that time (including many — if not most — Mexican-Americans who were grossly offended by the Left’s lies, and vicious tactics) were smart enough to adopt the proposition. Sadly, when the ACLU’s puppet judge stayed enforcement for a year, Pete Wilson (the only other Republican I’ve ever seen who compares to Reagan) was term-limited out of office before he could take the case to the Supreme Court.

Had the will of the people, Proposition 187, been enforced, California would be a far better, far more prosperous state today. And the fight against illegal immigration would have taken a turn in the citizens‘ favor.

What we need now Sir, is another Pete Wilson. Not another Kemp — or 98% of the Republicans in Washington.
James Farrell

I wrote a letter to Editor (Times Herald Record, Middletown, NY) concerning Rep. Jack Kemp way back in the ’80s. He was supporting the removal of the state income tax deduction on federal taxes. He clearly stated that “this deduction subsidizes large bloated high tax state governments at the expense of well run low tax states.” He was vilified by many New Yorkers, but he was of course was correct and honest!
Steve Donnelly

Re: Hal G.P. Colebatch’s Britain’s Anti-Christian Kulturkampf

I share the concern of many moderate family people about what amounts to a virtual war against Christianity by, essentially, bullies misusing their position within city councils, NGOs and various other groupings of the all-too-familiar apparatchiks in Britain.

The same disparagement of Christianity is now also under way in New Zealand, spear-headed by our Left extremists and “liberals,” whose recent left-wing Labour government, headed by a feminist with ambitions to hold a very important United Nations position, was resoundingly defeated in our recent elections. 

The attack on Christianity itself is very much part of the anti-the West white-anting by fundamentalist Islam and neo-Marxism, in an unholy alliance with their common enemy, a genuine democracy, in their sights.

Britain once stood for freedom — against tyranny — but is now phasing in its own form of tyranny.

It is to the shame of the British people at large, apart from the courageous few, that they are not insisting that this intolerance of Christianity, the religion that, basically, civilized the world, be halted before it gathers even more momentum. The barbarians are not at the gates — they have tunneled under. And their own government is very much part of the problem. Ours is little better.
A.J. Brooke
New Zealand


Conservatives defend the right to life, freedom of conscience and free enterprise. This is not an “ideology” it is the naming of natural processes.

Ideology is the use of some half baked theory to plan, regulate and punish producers, providers and consumers of goods and services. I thank you for protecting our God given rights. Hold the line! Then, take the offensive. Conservatives must set up shadow organizations that compete with the radicals for the hearts, minds and government dollars. Set up a conservative ACORN in each congressional district. Have conservatives enter nursing homes to register elderly voters and return frequently to educate these “captive peoples” to the fraud committed by ACORN. Compete with ACORN for the federal grants and if there are problems and take the government decision-makers to court. Force them to divvy-up the money “fairly.” Even if we do not win the case we bring the fraud to the attention of the public. We must act aggressively, yet, ethically.
Michael McCarthy

Re: Peter Ferrara’s Repeal Health Care Fascism:

America’s Seven-Step Plan —

Step 1: Democrats take White House and Congress.

Step 2: Democrats undo the legislation of Reagan and Bush.

Step 3: Republicans submit nationwide.

Step 4: Republicans take White House and Congress.

Step 5: Republicans attempt to undo the legislation of Obama.

Step 6: Democrats riot nationwide.

Step 7: Republicans withdraw their legislation and fine-tune Obama’s legislation.
David Govett
Davis, California

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