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‘Joe the Plumber’ Appalled

Gasp!  ‘Joe the Plumber’ told Glenn Beck he was ‘appalled’ at some of the things he heard come out of McCain’s mouth while the two travelled together for a short period during the campaign.  Specifically, ‘Joe’ was unhappy about McCain’s opinion on the bailout, which shouldn’t exactly have been news to him.  I mean, the Maverick ran as a Republican, but he wasn’t exactly a card-carrying conservative.

He did, however, think Sarah Palin was ‘the real deal.’ Whew. Aren’t you relieved?

I guess if anyone can smell out the sometimes-appalling opinions of a politican it’s a plumber, but then, ‘Joe’ wasn’t appalled at the offer to sign a deal with a small publishing company in Texas (which he did).

It’s America, anyone can have opinions. I’m the first to admit I liked the way ‘Joe’ was able to dissect some of Obama’s ideas in a way the McCain camp had failed to by that point in the race.  (‘Redistribute the wealth’ has never been heard so many times in a span of a few days.)  And sure, he can be appalled at some of McCain’s ideas, but it seems disingenuous for ‘Joe’ to go from just bein’ a simple plumber looking to expand his company, to a knowledgable source on the bailout wondering why one of the more liberal GOP Presidential candidates in recent years wasn’t more conservative, to signing a book deal to write “Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream.”

But then, maybe, more power to him?!

It is, after all, America.

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