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Bipartisan Soil?

James Rainey, media writer for the Los Angeles Times, accuses Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and unnamed others of being “intent on poisoning the soil before bipartisanship can take root.”

One may peruse an online catalog of Mr. Rainey’s recent writings to see what contributions he has made to bipartisanship lately, and a quick perusal indicates these consist chiefly of cheerleading for the Democratic campaign and mocking the Republicans.

Given that his specialty is media and not government, Rainey may not fully realize that after Jan. 20, Republicans will have virtually no ability to obstruct Obama, Reid and Pelosi in their policies, and little ability even to influence the debate. This, of course, is exactly the sort of soil in which Mr. Rainey’s brand of “bipartisanship” thrives. We shall see what fruits are produced, and we will be certain who is responsible.

Mr. Rainey will no longer be able to blame every sundry nuisance in the world on Republican malice, and he will have to find some new scapegoat onto which to project his numerous hatreds. This should provide an interesting spectacle, and Mr. Rainey’s writing will doubtless become an even richer source of amusement to Mr. Limbaugh and his 20 million listeners during the Obama era.

Robert Stacy McCain
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