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Hear! Hear!

Quin nails it:

John McCain, personally, is responsible for the single worst Republican general election presidential campaign sinc 1964.

That’s the important point, and obviates the column I was going to write. Perhaps the most important statistic for conservatives to keep in mind today – as pundits pore over and pour out exit-poll data to tell us What It Means – is this: 53 percent of Republican primary voters did not vote for John McCain.

If there is a failure that conservatives can feel bad about, it is their failure to prevent McCain from getting the nomination. But that happened months ago. To lose with a bad candidate that you opposed is not like losing with a good candidate, nor is it like losing with a bad candidate you supported.

Conservatives should try to look on the bright side. Paul Jacob of Citizens in Charge just told me. “We’ve got ’em right where we want ’em. . . . There is no way that Obama and the Democrats can live up to expectations.”

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