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Hewitt Rips McCain’s Foreign Policy Credentials

In the wake of the events in Pakistan, Romney flak Hugh Hewitt took aim at his man’s New Hampshire rival on his radio show:

What do you make of the idea that foreign crisis elevates John McCain’s rather sad record of legislative screw-ups because he’s traveled the globe?

So in other words, we’re supposed to believe that McCain’s rock solid record on national security–which included advocating more troops in Iraq years before the strategy was pursued with success–is invalidated because of the “Gang of 14” compromise and campaign finance reform. And yet, Hewitt’s choice to lead the free world is somebody with no foreign policy experience–a management consultant turned venture capitalist, turned one-term governor.

If Hewitt is going to argue that he’d rather have a president and commander in chief who has executive experience, or that McCain’s national security bona fides don’t make up for his faults in other areas, that’s one thing. But to insult McCain’s foreign policy credentials because you disagree with his vote against the Bush tax cuts is just plain silly. And I don’t think it’s a wise tactic for Romney surrogates to employ (and let’s face it, that’s basically what Hewitt is at this point, and he gets paid in book royalties).

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