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Trump Pennsylvania Lawsuit: Chapter and Verse of Fraud
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In the current confusion — three problems.

  1. So-called computer “glitches” in the vote-counting process.
  2. The actual lawsuit by the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania.
  3. Corruption of election results in Pennsylvania.

So let’s go there.

No. 1: In terms of glitches? Remember this bit of election news, as headlined here at Breitbart?

Michigan County Flips from Biden to Trump After ‘Glitch’ Fixed

The story began:

The presidential election results for Antrim County in Michigan have flipped from Joe Biden to President Donald Trump after computer “software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes.”

The initial election results showing Joe Biden winning the presidential race for Antrim County, Michigan, have now been corrected to show President Trump as the county’s winner after a software glitch was fixed, according to a report by 9&10 News.

Now? Now comes this from a presidential tweet, as reported here by the Gateway Pundit:


Uh-oh. Whatever else is going on, the people who run Dominion Voting Systems have a serious problem on their hands — and it’s to be continued. If this is accurate, Joe Biden has his own very big problem.

So the focus here is No. Two — the Trump Pennsylvania lawsuit. The lawsuit is 86 pages long.

As discussed earlier in this space, it says in specificity how “Democratic-heavy counties violated the mandates of the (Pennsylvania) Election Code.”

So let’s take a tour of the specifics — the details of fraud that critics keep demanding.

Let’s start with a refresh that was cited in my earlier column and move on from there. To be clear, what is in quote marks is exact text from the lawsuit.

1. “Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties alone received and processed 682,479 mail-in and absentee ballots without review by the political parties and candidates. These are unprecedented numbers in Pennsylvania’s elections history. Rather than engaging in an open and transparent process to give credibility to Pennsylvania’s brand-new voting system, the processes were hidden during the receipt, review, opening, and tabulation of those 682,479 votes in direct contravention of the Election Code.”

2. “Allegheny and Philadelphia counties conducted the canvassing and tabulation in convention center rooms and placed observers far away from the action. In the case of Philadelphia County, when an emergency order was issued requiring them to provide meaningful access to representatives, Philadelphia failed to comply.”

3. “Democratic-heavy counties violated the mandates of the Election Code and the determinations of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.”

4. Democratic-heavy counties “engaged in pre-canvass activities prior to November 3, 2020, by reviewing received mail-in ballots for deficiencies.” Then these counties “would notify those voters in order to allow them to cure their ballot deficiencies by voting provisionally on Election Day or cancelling their previously mailed ballot and issuing a replacement.” Republican counties did not do this. Why? Because it is a violation of the Pennsylvania Election Code.

5. The defendants misconduct “included ignoring legislative mandates concerning mail-in ballots — which amounted to over 2.6 million of the approximately 6.75 million votes in Pennsylvania — including the mandate that mail-in ballots be post-marked on or before Election Day, and critically, preventing Plaintiff’s poll watchers from observing the receipt, review, opening, and tabulation of mail-in votes.”

6. Certain counties sent duplicate ballots to voters.

7. The Supreme Court in Gray v. Sanders said every vote must be “protected from the diluting effect of illegal ballots.” In Crawford v. Marion County Election Bd. “the Court said; “There is no question about the legitimacy or importance of the State’s interest in counting only the votes of eligible voters.” Fact: illegal votes were counted, violating Equal Protection guarantees.

8. “Pennsylvania has created an illegal two-tiered voting system for the 2020 General Election.” In-person voters were required “to sign voter registrations, have those signatures checked against voter rolls, vote in a polling place monitored by statutorily-authorized poll observers, and have their votes counted in a transparent and verifiable open and observed manner. By contrast, due to the arbitrary, unauthorized, and standardless actions of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Kathy Boockvar, nearly 2.65 million votes were cast through a ‘mail-in’ process that lacked all of the hallmarks of transparency and verifiability that were present for in-person votes.” In fact, Boockvar “affirmatively excised nearly every element of transparency and verifiability that were present for in-person voters.” There was no “adequate verification of the [mail-in] voter’s identity.” Not to mention Boockvar permitted ballots received up to three days after the election to be counted.

9. The lawsuit wants an emergency order prohibiting Secretary Boockvar from “certifying the results of the General Election.” Then prohibiting:

a) Certifying any results that “included the tabulation of absentee and mail-in ballots which do not comply with the Election Code.”

b) This includes ballots that do not comply with the Election Code, specifically including absentee and mail-in ballots that Trump campaign watchers were “prevented from observing or based on the tabulation of invalidly cast absentee and mail-in ballots which (1) lack a secrecy envelope … (2) do not include on the outside envelope a completed declaration that is dated and signed by the elector, or (3) are delivered in-person by third parties for non-disabled voters.” Lastly, a permanent injunction is sought “requiring the County Election Boards to invalidate ballots cast by voters who were notified and given an opportunity to cure their invalidly cast mail-in ballot.”

10. “Because the United States Constitution reserves for state legislatures the power to set the time, place, and manner of holding elections for Congress and the President, state executive officers, including but not limited to Secretary Boockvar, have no authority to unilaterally exercise that power, much less flout existing legislation.”

There’s more. Much more.

But suffice to say the mainstream media is out there denying voter fraud, as at the New York Times where they headlined this:

The Times Called Officials in Every State: No Evidence of Voter Fraud

No evidence!!!!!


The Trump Pennsylvania lawsuit details chapter and verse that says otherwise.

Then, on Thursday afternoon, No. Three. The Epoch Times headlined this:

Pennsylvania Court Rules Secretary of State Improperly Changed Deadline 2 Days Before Election Day

The story reported:

A Pennsylvania judge ruled in favor of President Donald Trump’s campaign on Thursday, saying Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar overstepped her authority to change an election deadline two days before Election Day last week.

The Court concludes that Respondent Kathy Boockvar, in her official capacity as Secretary of the Commonwealth, lacked statutory authority to issue the November 1, 2020, guidance to Respondents County Boards of Elections insofar as that guidance purported to change the deadline … for certain electors to verify proof of identification,” Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt wrote in her order (pdf) on Thursday afternoon.

Someone other than me read the lawsuit.

A Pennsylvania judge.


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