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They’re Always Coming After You

It’s impossible to know what they will come for next, because who in their right minds would have known what they came for first. Will Dallas Keuchel have to change his first name because the left finds Texas offensive? Or his last because it’s pronounced “Kykel”? What next, your name, my name? Do I just change it now and go with J to H, or in the left’s future are we all just a number, a symbol tattooed on our arms?

No gender, unless you are a male? No race unless you are white? No religion unless it’s not Judeo-Christian? Of course mosques are allowed, because Islam is a religion of peace, spawned by the ravages of global warming, and white male privilege. Bibles are gone, and Torah Scrolls are burned. Welcome to the revolution! So, as you sit at home thinking about what’s next, and who’s next, the question is: Are you next? The answer is: Yes. The left is coming after you. They are done with “subtle.”

The storm is here my friends, and it is gender neutral, made worse than Harvey, Irma, Ike, Sandy, and Katrina combined. This isn’t about debt ceilings or walls. No, that’s just all for show. This unnatural disaster isn’t coming for your homes or businesses, not yet at least. It’s coming for your brains, your souls and your willingness to fight. They aren’t beating you down with guns, but with mass media forms of peer pressure that would have made the Führer proud.

Donald Trump was elected for one reason. No, it wasn’t the wall, or whatever other promise he made. He was the promise, not his promises. The promise, the hope, the dreams that we can speak what’s on our mind, still pray to whichever deity we choose, and offend if we so choose. It is the foolish notion of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, and if their jobs actually still exist. The idea of what’s mine isn’t yours, and what’s yours isn’t mine. The idea that entertainers are here to entertain and athletes are here to help us forget.

If you are a modern-day Democrat, or liberal, and you don’t think they are coming next for something that you cherish or have cherished, I’m sorry, but you are an idiot. It was never about guns and abortions, or caring about one single person in the DACA program. All props, all an illusion to cause chaos. Chaos causes instability and instability causes fear, and fear causes disillusionment. If you possess a modicum of a brain and you are anyone but a member of the gang of the master of chaos manipulation, do you not wake up every day saying, “What the heck is going on?” I know I do. This is a gang controlled and well-funded by the master of manmade disaster, George Soros.

James Bond villains have nothing on George Soros. He is the villain of biblical proportions, one that Ludlum, and Clancy and, sometimes, I think God, could never have scripted. Many of us, whether unconsciously or consciously, voted for a villain. We knew the only way to fight the media, the globalists, the bought and paid members of the illustrious houses who have a lower approval rating than herpes, was with our own bad guy. Deals don’t scare me, whether intra-party or across the aisle. It should and does scare people like George Soros and his apostles such as Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren, and yes, our past President.

Our past President’s inactions weren’t made by lack of design. This instability you are feeling, this fear you are feeling, was all part of the plan; Donald Trump wasn’t.  He became a “fly in the ointment,” the proverbial “monkey wrench,” and the classic “pain in the ass.” Whoever you are, and whatever you are, we as Americans right now need to put our differences aside, and treat every day like it is Harvey and Irma. Great, so the President worked out a deal with Pelosi and Schumer. A deal is a deal, and there will be many more deals. That’s life, and somewhere along the line we all forgot that. But you want to know who that deal should scare? Not the American people, but the minions trying to destroy the American people. By the way, kudos and props to Schumer and Pelosi. Just the fact that they are talking to the President could get them killed.

If you are more frightened by a statue than this garbage pail kid in North Korea, if Americans scare you more than ISIS, if you woke up today and any part of you is looking around saying what the…? Ask yourselves, as you look at your ceilings, which so many have recently lost, three months of a debt ceiling, eighteen months of a death ceiling: What is a debt ceiling and do we really need to fight about it? You are not alone, and no, President Trump had no part in its creation.

He needs our support. We, as a country, need to deal and heal. Let the players who want to kneel be drowned out by the millions who stand with hat over heart. I like my name, and if we can’t come together as a country, I’m frightened that once again we all just might be another number on an arm, something George Soros has no problem with.

It is football season, and we are still allowed to watch. I can’t think of anything right now that will destroy a piece of the left more than all of us “being ready for some football.” I know I am. So, Elisha work some miracles, be the momentary prophet we all need, and please take me and my Giants to the Promised Land. It’s okay to be a little selfish. Maybe that’s how we stop the “next,” by appreciating and enjoying the “now.” I know I will, this weekend, and I hope wherever you are you do too.

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