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The Story on the Elections

So, let’s plunge right into it. What is the story on the elections?

First, to the extent that the elections are about the state of the economy, the Democrats should do surprisingly well. Here is why. The economy has revived very considerably from the Crash of 2008. That Crash was unequivocally caused by the policy failures of the Bush administration. The policies that saved us from a Great Depression were also created by the Bush administration, but who remembers those? And besides, the GOP is running from its own most successful economic gambits, the bank bailouts, a vital necessity when they happened. TARP and the saving of the big financial houses should be worn with pride by the GOP, but they are not.

The Obama administration’s immense deficits probably did help to stabilize the demand side of the economy. The piper — those damned deficits — will have to be paid, but that’s far in the future. The Democrats are happy to claim credit for stabilizing the economy when really most of it goes to Bush 43. If the GOP refuses to take credit even for what it did right, it has problems.

So, at least a big chunk of gratitude for the recovery will go to the Democrats. It should be shared but it won’t be.

However, it’s more complex than that. There will also be voters who hate deficits who will resent the Obama deficits and that will help the GOP.

And at this point we have to get to the disgusting truth that at this time in American political life, entirely because of the Democrats, all politics is racial.

The Democrats’ core constituency is the black vote. That means the Democrats have to figure out a way to blame the GOP for the lingering economic problems of the blacks. Truth to tell, there are no anti-black economic policies coming from the GOP. None at all.

But the Democrats will go back to the false claims made by Democrats for generations now that somehow the corporations and the rich people are responsible for black people’s problems and for the problems of the less well off generally. Again, there is absolutely zero evidence that corporations or rich people create poor people.

In fact, the corporation is probably as efficient a way of organizing human enterprise to maximize social well-being as there ever has been. Corporations are just groups of men and women who produce widgets or insurance or computers. Their owners are mostly pension funds and future retirees. Their employees are as human as Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton. To say they are hurting Americans is nonsense any more than to say that a Parent Teacher Organization is dangerous.

Similarly, it does not hurt non-rich people for there to be rich people, absent theft. There is an infinite amount of money and when Mr. Smith gets rich, that does not make Mr. Jones or Mrs. Godfrey poor. In fact, rich people often (not always) create jobs on their way to being rich. Once they are rich, they endow schools and museums and hospitals. Inequality is “unlovely,” to quote Frank Knight. But it does not harm anyone, absent theft .

But that is truth and elections are not won by truths. The Democrats will try to whip up black people into believing that the GOP is out to keep them poor as part of the GOP’s (phony) racist plots. The Dems have to do that. (They are totally dependent on Jews for money and on blacks for votes.) That the GOP is a racist entity is a colossal, extremely destructive fraud by the Democrats. But as I said, elections are not won by telling the truth.

I am afraid it gets very much worse. Leaving the economy behind, the Democrats are trying to infuriate black people by telling them there is a GOP plot to kill them. Somehow, in some way that has never been made clear, the shooting of Trayvon Martin after he attacked a white security guard is supposed to be a hit job by the GOP. Just how that works is a total mystery. How the GOP can in any way be connected with the Trayvon Martin case is known only to Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and some other people in the world of hatred. Nevertheless, it has become a huge part of Democrat campaign strategy to say that there is a connection. The Democrats have to tell that Big Lie.

There is a similarly strange fraud going on about the shooting of young Mr. Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The evidence is pretty clear right now that Mr. Brown attacked a policeman, tried to get his gun away from him and kill him or otherwise harm him — and that officer Wilson was acting totally in self-defense when the gun was in play and when he shot Mr Brown.

Even as I am writing this very early Saturday morning, the news is out that there probably will not be a DOJ federal civil rights case against officer Wilson. He just did not do anything wrong or violative of law. He was attacked by a large, hopped up man trying to hurt him. He defended himself.

Still, the Obama/Holder Democrats are trying desperately to claim that Mr. Brown was murdered in cold blood and that somehow, in some way that no one but an Obama Democrat can understand, the Republican Party is responsible.

It is complete nonsense, of course. But somehow, apparently, black voters are buying it. This will hurt the GOP a lot.

It is really worse than that. An explicitly false, race-baiting, racist narrative of American life is being thrust forward by Mr. Obama to jack up the blacks and make them hate white America, especially a part of white America that has always been helpful to the cause of civil rights. This is pure evil.

Of course Mr Obama and his party want to win. But do they want to win so badly they will tear the nation apart with lies and appeals to racism to win? Apparently they do and they will.

It is late, so I will hit just one more point. Mr. Obama has sneered at Israel all his life, even though his supporters and mentors and immense financial contributors have been Jews. (The most world class example of hypocrisy ever in fundraising? Obama railing against the rich at $35,000 a plate Democrat fundraisers, almost all guests Jewish — and then smearing Israel.)

Mr. Obama got his start on the national scene attacking Israel and defending the Palestinians. Mr. Obama has not the faintest idea of how fragile is Israel or how great its moral claims are. More, he does not care. Like all narcissists, he can spare very little love for anyone except himself.

But for the Obama White House to call Benjamin Netanyahu, by far the bravest leader of a free people on the planet, a “chickens–t” and “a coward” and to refuse to apologize is disgraceful.

To me, the words come from Mr. Obama’s friends of his youth in the Farrakhan movement in Chicago. Or maybe from his close friends in the Gulf States or his newest best friends, the Iranians. But to call the head of the government of one of our closest allies, our only ally with guts, barnyard epithets and refuse to apologize is simply sickening. He has never used words like this even for Al Qaeda or ISIS or the Al Nusra Front. Has he lost his mind?

For us Jews, and for many great Christians, Israel is sacred. For any of us who love America the most by far but also love Israel, Mr. Obama has cast himself out into the darkness not of the blacks, but of the black shirts. After what the Obama White House said and did, it is a moral duty for those who stand with Israel to vote Republican.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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