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The Orwellian Bullying of Donald Trump

There is something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.… But here are some hints of it:

I live in Beverly Hills and Malibu and West Hollywood. I am not at all a fan of Hillary Clinton. She’s a lawbreaker and a felon about 32,000 times over by her destruction of subpoenaed documents. She’s been largely a terrible Secretary of State and disowned her best accomplishment, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a genuinely great deal. She’s so sanctimonious about women and minorities it makes me sick.

She’s bullied women whom her husband sexually harassed to the point that they sued for rape and contemplated suicide. She screwed up Benghazi beyond belief and sneered about it.

But here in my little showy world of Beverly Hills and Malibu and West Hollywood, if I am shopping at the supermarket in WeHo with my pal, Judah Friedman, and we want to discuss politics, we have to whisper. If some stray Republican gay man (self-identifying) wants to agree with us about criticism of Hillary, he has to whisper. If I want to say something nice about Trump before my recovery meeting starts, I have to bite my tongue. I cannot say it at all.

I could not, would not, even consider, putting a TRUMP bumper sticker on my car. It’s guaranteed that my very old but still lovely car would get vandalized. I keep getting emails asking me if I want a TRUMP yard sign. Uhhh, no, thanks. I don’t think so. I love my house. I don’t want people toilet-papering it or spray painting BLACK LIVES MATTER on it.

This is a painful thing. I worked and worked hard for the Black Panther Party in New Haven before any of the BLM people were born. I marched and was arrested in Cambridge, Maryland, on my beloved Eastern Sho’ of the Chesapeake Bay, for black voting rights about the time Mr. Obama was born. But I would be the racist for wanting to have a Republican, from the party of rights for blacks, in the White House. I could not even dream of having a TRUMP sign on my parched lawn.

There’s no freedom of speech where I live. It’s as if there is no First Amendment.

You can talk the way you want as long as it’s for the leftist.

Likewise, if you say that anyone in the fashion industry or in Hollywood or on Broadway wants to have pretty girls around instead of homely ones, you’re a sexist, “weight shaming” pig — even though any visit to any magazine stand, any movie theater, any night on TV, tells you beauty preference is real and true. The late night TV ads for exercise machines, for slimming pills, for makeup, for hair equipment — they’re ubiquitous. This is just how human beings are built. We like to be around beautiful scenery and beautiful sunsets and beautiful women. This is all human history. It’s not shameful unless you assume all love of beauty is shameful. It’s shameful to humiliate those who are not beautiful, but in a way, the whole world does it every day. It’s standard.

But if Donald Trump says it, it’s a crime. If Donald Trump says the most basic truths about the human condition, he’s horrible. If the whole of the fashion industry says it, they’re fine.

There is something Orwellian and sinister about trying to demonize human nature. But that’s what the media and Hillary’s minions are doing. In a way, it’s far more anti-human than any political stand about taxes or coal.

Again, the hypocrisy is stunning. The New York Times blasts Trump as if he were Goebbels for his criticism of an overweight beauty queen. A few pages later, they have page after page of emaciated models showing the latest couture. Doesn’t anyone notice this?

This election has taken on a Newspeak, Big Brother, Thought Police quality. It’s the same quality that bullies use everywhere. The horrible joke is that it’s the Hillary people who are doing it — but they are the ones who call Trump a bully. Don’t get me wrong. In a small, schoolyard way, Trump was a bully in the primaries. But now he’s up against the master Sturmabteilung bullies of the left. It’s a terrifying proposition: the one party media and anyone who speaks against it is a Thought Criminal ( “Thoughtcrime does not entail death, Winston…Thoughtcrime is death….”) and then the one-party state. Pray for a Republican Congress. But in the meantime, the walls have ears.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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