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Stupak: Senate Bill Wouldn’t Get 100 Votes in the House

One of the few remaining options for Democrats to pass health care legislation is simply for the House to pass the version that already cleared the Senate. But given that the House bill only passed 220 to 215 the last time around, Speaker Nancy Pelosi will have a difficult time getting the 218 votes, especially after what happened yesterday. But whatever hope there was of passing the House bill has now dwindled further, after Rep. Bart Stupak’s comments today. Stupak, a leader among pro-life Democrats who finds the Senate health care bill’s abortion language, said there was no chance that the House would swallow the Senate bill whole.

Dave Freddoso points out, in a Fox Business Network interview, Stupak said: “The Senate bill, and I know leadership has flowed with the idea over the weekend that let’s just take the Senate bill and just vote on it in the House floor. I bet it wouldn’t get a hundred votes.”

He also unloaded on the bill, and took aim at the Democratic leadership: C]an I use the word “overreached?” They tried to hit a homerun with health care instead of hitting — let’s get a single, let’s get a double. You know, build on this. But they went for the whole grand slam and it got thrown back. It got too big, too controversial, and it’s just like they overreached.”

Stupak told the Weekly Standard‘s John McCormack that he still believes there are at least 10 to 12 Democrats who voted for the House bill the first time around only after it included his abortion language, and they would bolt from any bill that didn’t include it.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, liberal Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York was even more blunt:

Weiner ridiculed House Democratic leaders for holding a meeting to brief House Democrats on negotiations with the White House on a health care bill, telling reporters, “They’re talking as if, ‘What our deal is, what our negotiators are at the White House’ — yeah, and then the last line is, ‘Pigs fly out of my ass’ … it’s just, we’ve got to recognize we are in an entirely different scenario.”

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