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Physician-Owned Hospitals Casualty of ObamaCare

Rob Bluey has a good piece on one of the early casualties of ObamaCare:

Physicians at McBride Orthopedic Hospital had ambitious plans for their Oklahoma City hospital before Obamacare. Two new operating rooms and a four-bed intensive-care unit were part of a multimillion-dollar expansion project that promised to bring competition and more health care choices to the community.

But once President Obama’s signature was dry on the 2,409-page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, so, too, was the McBride project. The recently enacted law imposed a series of new federal regulations on physician-owned hospitals, including an immediate ban on expansion.

“We pulled the plug when the law was signed,” McBride Chief Executive MarkGalliart said. “We were ready to break ground. We had everything approved by the state. We had the construction agreement in place. We were going to meet our timeline until the legislation passed.”

The plight of doctor-owned hospitals is one of the areas that was far too neglected during the health care debate. As much as Democrats holler about the skyrocking costs at hospitals, the truth is that for years they have helped to protect the big hospitals from competition from smaller, innovative, hospitals that tend to specialize in one area and can deliver more personalized service. If we wanted real choice and competition that would drive down prices and improve quality and outcomes, we’d be encouraging the development of such facilities. Instead, ObamaCare is putting them out of business.

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