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The Yawn 6 Committee
Rep. Adam Kinzinger speaks during the January 6 commitee hearing (ABC News/YouTube screenshot)

We’re beginning to see what happens when they run out of shiny objects, and all that’s left is dull.

Tuesday the Jan. 6 Committee, which was constructed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as an edifice intended to resemble the 9/11 Commission without the attendant actual search for the truth of what happened that day, began what passed for its work.

Did you miss it? You didn’t. There wasn’t much to miss.

There was the committee’s newest member, the irritating Never-Trumper Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who is likely to be tossed out of office in a GOP primary by the very impressive Catalina Lauf. Kinzinger did his best to stoke interest in the committee’s proceedings, weeping as he delivered a meaningless platitude: “Democracies are not defined by our bad days. We’re defined by how we come back from bad days.”

What does that mean? It means Adam Kinzinger wants to be the next Joe Scarborough after the voters of his district run him out of office, so he spouts some high-sounding pabulum with tears in his eyes hoping someone will see it as an audition tape.

Kinzinger isn’t on the committee because his Republican colleagues wanted him on it. We know this because House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled the five members of the committee he had nominated after two of them, Jim Banks of Indiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio, were rejected by Pelosi.

And McCarthy’s decision was roundly agreed upon by his caucus. They’d asked him to do it.

So what’s Kinzinger doing there? How did he get into the hearing room and find a seat at the dais? Why, Pelosi put him there, of course. Just like she put the other Republican on the committee — the politically septic Liz Cheney, who, like Kinzinger, isn’t long for Congress, and like Kinzinger is there to represent the ghost of Bush Republicanism against the living, breathing America that exists outside of the Beltway.

That America isn’t impressed by the Jan. 6 Committee. It hasn’t been from the beginning.

Did you know that the majority of Americans want to see a 50-state audit of the 2020 presidential election? Probably not, since the ruling elite whom the Democrats so slavishly serve have done what they could to suppress that news. But a poll a week ago by Rasmussen indicated that 55 percent of likely voters back forensic audits of election results to ensure there was no vote fraud. Only 29 percent oppose such audits, and 17 percent aren’t sure. This despite just 41 percent of respondents in the same poll who think Biden cheated to win.

What does that tell you? It tells you most Americans, even though they might not be convinced the election was stolen, are suitably unimpressed with the lectures from the Democrat Party and the ruling elite — media and otherwise — about how there was “no evidence of fraud” as to support forensic audits. Even 38 percent of Democrats supported a forensic audit of the election results, and this comes after messy and contentious such processes in Arizona and Georgia so far.

And, given this, we’re going to have a congressional committee dragging us through the Jan. 6 mud again? It’s as if Pelosi saw something nasty in the woodshed.

Apparently so did everyone else, as Tuesday’s hearing featured lots of fake tears and laughable over-emoting by witnesses testifying, not to mention the DNC apparatchik reporters covering the proceedings.

They led with the cops. One D.C. policeman named Michael Fanone got his dander up enough to bang on the table and shout “Disgraceful!” about the “indifference” shown to his colleagues over the Capitol riot. We ran out of time and didn’t check the Screen Actors’ Guild rolls for his name.

Another witness coughed up this laugher after surmising some of the trespassers in the Capitol that day might have had guns in their bags: “If there had been a fire fight we surely would have lost.”

This is supposed to be evidence at a congressional hearing?

There were weapons found on some of the demonstrators. They had bear spray and baseball bats. A few had knives. One had a “sharpened” flagpole. Supposedly there was a gun or two, but last we checked no one has been arrested on any weapons charges arising from Jan. 6.

That’s somewhat peculiar, isn’t it?

By the way, there was a firefight inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, you know. It was pretty one-sided. Just ask Ashli Babbitt.

Oh, that’s right. You can’t. You’re not even supposed to know which Capitol Police officer it was who shot and killed her, despite the fact the name of Lt. Michael Byrd has already been leaked and RealClear Investigations confirmed he was the one who put a bullet into her neck.

If that little facet of Jan. 6 is to be covered in the committee’s work, we haven’t been notified. Something tells us that this kangaroo court isn’t going to get there.

Much of the energy surrounding the One-Six show trial seems to have been spent complaining about McCarthy and the Republicans, largely because a few of them “counter-programmed” Tuesday’s hearing by putting on their own dog-and-pony show press conference outside the Capitol featuring Jordan and Banks, among others.

Banks illustrated clearly why Pelosi wanted no part of him on that committee. “It’s clear at this point that Nancy Pelosi has cherry-picked the members to serve on this committee,” he said. “She has pre-written a narrative. Only members who will stick to her talking points are allowed to serve on this committee.”

Well, sure.

After all, it’s chaired by Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, who’s such a partisan hack that he objected to the certification of the 2004 presidential election, of all things.

And because the GOP leadership dared to put out a retort to Pelosi’s prewritten narrative, the Democrat National Committee attacked McCarthy with the maximum invective they could muster:

Today’s testimony from the brave officers who risked their lives on January 6 further proves Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has completely sold out his party and country to protect Donald Trump and the violent rioters who attacked the Capitol and our democracy. McCarthy and his allies’ callous disrespect and attempts to turn a bipartisan investigation into a partisan circus is not only a slap in the face of the police officers who protected them that day, but also to police officers across the country. Never again can Republican leaders claim to “back the blue” and history will remember their brazen attempts to gaslight the American people.

Yeah, OK.

The serial fabulist and bats**t conspiracy theorist Adam Schiff, who beclowned himself for more than two years claiming Trump was a Russian mole, even attempted to say McCarthy would have killed a 9/11 commission if he’d been speaker then, accusing the hypothetical Speaker McCarthy of denying the Twin Towers fell or claiming the whole thing was “overblown.”

Seriously. Schiff actually said that. And Jim Jordan and Jim Banks were too hot for the One-Six Committee to handle.

Then there was the press conference Reps. Louie Gohmert, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Paul Gosar held at the Department of Justice to highlight the fact that there are people held in solitary confinement a few blocks from the Capitol, without bail, with trials many months off in the distance, for nonviolent crimes surrounding One-Six.

If any of that is to make an appearance at Bennie Thompson and Nancy Pelosi’s one-ring circus, we haven’t been notified.

Meanwhile, the DOJ is literally giving up on prosecuting Chinese spies while abusing political prisoners who took selfies at the Capitol.

Nobody buys this garbage.

What’s clear is Pelosi and her crowd simply have to have it, as tired and idiotic as it is, because they don’t have anything else. Their operatives are already panicking about 2022, grousing that election reform measures in several states have destroyed their chances of revisiting the very irregularities that caused One-Six in the first place — and whining that without those the voters will deliver them to the electoral abattoir.

It’s no longer plausible to tout a legislative agenda they might offer, or competent governance from President My-Butt-Got-Wiped or Vice President Cacklepuss, as a means of warding off what’s coming. They have to elevate Trump and his supporters to the level of the Other — like the Jews or the Kulaks — and keep the former president they might or might not have defeated last year as a latter-day Emmanuel Goldstein worthy of mindless hatred from the masses.

But Pelosi is out of shiny objects. One-Six is Yawn-Six. And 2022 is coming.

Scott McKay
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