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It’s Still ‘The Economy, Stupid’

If the main concern for most Americans is indeed “the economy, stupid,” as James Carville famously opined, then Trump is winning bigly.

From rising wages to record low unemployment to skyrocketing markets, there is little, if anything, the president’s potent combination of tax cuts and deregulation hasn’t spit-shined.

Perhaps the most mind-blowing metric, however, belongs to America’s manufacturing sector. A blue-collar renaissance is something nearly everyone, myself included, had written off as impossible. But the numbers have made fools of us all, as nearly half a million new manufacturing jobs have been created during Trump’s economic tour de force.

While the biggest winners appear to be the tech and craft beer industries, there’s another, less-discussed area that is firing on all cylinders thanks to Trump’s policies: the Democrats’ constant creation of Chicken Little fairy tales.

In their quest to unseat the president by any means necessary, the Left is manufacturing crises at record rates — and losing what little remains of their credibility.

After hearing about Democrat hysteria over Trump’s policies, I sometimes wonder if I’m Superman. I’ve survived the repeal of net neutrality, the Trump tax cut, and World War III with Iran, all of which were certified apocalypses, according to Democrats and their mainstream media mouthpieces. If panic was productivity, we could pay down the national debt in no time.

At this point it should just be me and the cockroaches walking this Earth, but everywhere one looks prosperity abounds. It’s almost as if these “crises” were vastly overblown — or (gasp) utter nonsense aimed at stoking fear for cheap political gain.

That’s why I put very little stock in the latest crisis du jour: Trump’s removal of Never Trump bureaucrats intent on undermining his policies. According to Axios,

Trump has increasingly become furious with what he sees as a federal government full of “never-Trumpers.” … he’s surrounded by snakes and wants to clear out all the disloyal people.

He’s not wrong, and a thorough house cleaning is long overdue.

But if the recent dismissals of those who participated in the failed impeachment coup are any indication, we are in for a liberal meltdown the likes of which we cannot yet fathom.

Following the firing of Alexander Vindman and Gordon Sondland, both of whom proudly participated in the prosecution of their boss in testimonies before the House, the Democrats turned the hyperbole machine up to 11.

Adam Schiff described the purge as “the actions of a man who believes he is above the law,” and California Rep. Jackie Speier labeled the routine personnel decisions a “Friday Night massacre” and the precursor to an official “dictatorship.”

(Insert 100 eye roll emojis.)

The Democrats’ reaction to Trump lawfully exercising his executive authority only solidified my belief that two scientific laws govern the Trump era.

The first states that whatever the Democrats accuse Trump of doing, they themselves have done it tenfold. Recall, if you will, Obama’s firing of nearly all Bush-appointed ambassadors the day he took office.

The second (and more apropos) law states that the more successful Trump is, the more ridiculous the Democrats become. The collusion and impeachment scams were bad enough, but now they are frothing at the mouth over … Trump firing an insubordinate employee?

What’s next? Will they demand his resignation for signing bills into law or, heaven forbid, leaving the toilet seat up?

There aren’t many issues on which the Left and I see eye to eye, but I have long agreed with their calls to increase funding for mental health. Though we may often spar, Democrats are still my countrymen, and I simply cannot bear to see their prolonged mental breakdown go untreated.

I mean, we get it. They’re desperate to win the election in November, and their only hopes are an unapologetic geriatric communist, a small-town mayor who doubles as a meaningless platitude machine, and a billionaire former Republican trying to buy the nomination with meatball memes and Super Bowl ads. Add to that record economic optimism and a pro-American foreign policy that is making dictators and high-value terrorists change their underwear hourly, and your panic isn’t without merit.

But for heaven’s sake, have some dignity!

Leftists have been marching around in pussy hats and bemoaning the decline of our institutions when they could have been sharing in the country’s unprecedented success. Hell, we would probably have colonies on Mars and talking animals by now if they had been helping rather than sabotaging our president these past three-plus years.

And let’s face it: any institutions that are suffering in this Gilded Age have impaled themselves on the spiked fence surrounding the White House. Trump just happened to be home at the time.

It’s not as if the press and segments of the American intelligence community became corrupt the day Trump took office. Rather, it’s that Trump’s unorthodox style simply coaxed the snakes from beneath their rocks, revealing the filthy underbelly that for too long has tainted America’s power structures with its slimy residue.

Snakes prefer to remain hidden and often become aggressive when they feel threatened. Hence the Democrats’ three-year freakout that, sadly, will only get worse.

Economic projections are strong, meaning there’s a high likelihood of Trump winning reelection and, by extension, an endless supply of melodramatic doomsday predictions by Democrats for the next five years.

The irony is unmistakable: as America’s factories produce a new generation of goods and fuel our economic resurgence, the Left continues to produce pathetic attempts to undo elections they lost fair and square.

It’s an economy of excuses, and it’s not at all what Carville has in mind.

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