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Government Bureaucracy Threatens American Freedom

America is the greatest country in the history of the world based on God-given freedom. Our freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are now being assaulted on every front by mobs, high-tech censors, perpetuators of the cancel culture, and a federal government that is failing in its duty to work for the people.

God-given freedom has allowed creative and resourceful Americans to produce around 25 percent of the world’s gross national product and invent many of the most important technologies in the modern world.

The First Amendment guaranteed free speech, which is essential for a free society. But now the First Amendment is challenged by the “politically correct” agenda.

Examples of the freedoms threatened by this agenda are many. For one, the disgraceful Biden administration wants to remove the Hyde Amendment so the federal government can fund abortions, which is morally wrong.

And liberal mayors have turned many of our greatest cities into third-world enclaves catering to the criminals. Walgreens closed 17 of its stores in San Francisco because shoplifters are not prosecuted there for stealing less than $950. Major cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Baltimore, and Chicago are no longer safe, as citizens are murdered and molested. Many residents are moving away from cities to protect their families from criminals.

Americans also lose their freedoms through government overspending. FDR and the New Deal introduced a new concept of rights (aka “special interests”) that included a range of government benefits paid for by the federal government. These funds are confiscated from hard-working middle-class producers by taxation.

Since 2001, when George Bush became president, our national debt has ballooned from $6 to $29 trillion, which means that 79 percent of our national debt was generated in 20 short years. Most Americans know that high debt leads to serious trouble.

The federal government was established to protect freedom, not to confiscate our personal incomes or cause harm to individuals. But especially in the past hundred years or so, that has changed. Federal income taxation, for example, wasn’t implemented until 1913.

The leaders who have understood the importance of economic freedom have been few and far between, but their policies were effective. Calvin Coolidge and his Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon reduced federal spending during their tenure and established a maximum tax rate of 25 percent. Coolidge believed in human rights and federalism, which created the Roaring ’20s. In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan economically and morally reenergized America from war and recession and ended the USSR’s reign of terror.

Now loud individuals with a multitude of grievances are setting national priorities contrary to human freedom. Identity politics creates turmoil, while diversity aligned with a common purpose is the strength of America.

The time has come to return to American national priorities, beginning with freedom, which is the cornerstone of the most prosperous country in the history of the world. Freedom means the government works for the people by protecting them, not vice versa.

Human freedom and dignity is the core of America and can be achieved by harmonizing our national goals. Here are some ideas:

  • Free-market competition produces the energy, housing, food, and technologies needed for all Americans.
  • Manufacturing is important, including cars, airplanes, medical, industrial, semiconductors, and consumer technologies. Modern equipment is the only way to increase worker productivity and wages. Manufacturers flounder under massive continuous regulation and taxes.
  • Unilateral free trade allows the maximum prosperity due to the division of labor and comparative advantage. Tariffs are taxes paid by the consumer.
  • Private education should replace public schools. The U.S. Department of Education has seriously harmed and politicized K-12 and college education. Charters and private schools are the educational salvation for our youth.
  • The federal budget should be balanced by taxing no more than 18 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product. Taxes should be low and simple. American should not be working for the government bureaucrats.
  • A healthy, clean environment is imperative and is best achieved by the free market.
  • Law and order is a basic function of government and necessary for a free society. There should be fair and honest courts for grievances. Many of law enforcement’s current priorities must be abandoned.
  • The large administrative state needs to be downsized through a permanent hiring freeze of federal employees, reducing federal employment by at least one million.
  • Climate change mandates should be eliminated, allowing the market to create clean efficient energy at a low cost to consumers. Canceling oil, our prime source of energy, is leading to high costs and power outages.
  • Infrastructure is a priority but not an acute crisis. Our 50 states are perfectly capable of improving and maintaining roads and bridges.
  • Unemployment benefits were always provided for short periods to sustain families, but now they are causing severe worker shortages and the loss of skills. These benefits should be reevaluated.
  • College loans, by the federal government, should be phased out and handled by the private sector as they were before 2010. This will force colleges to be cost-competitive and will improve educational quality.

Government planning, including shuttering the economy during the pandemic and continuing to proliferate endless laws and regulations, undermines the middle class and destroys the incentive to work. And this approach is a vicious circle: the only solution the government can provide is more spending, more taxes, more regulation, and more debt. Tacitus sums it up this way: “The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government.”

Freedom, not government programs, created America. Americans must vote only for candidates who will fight and win back our freedom.

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