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Fortune Magazine Actually Claims Hillary Is Not a Liar

The other day I mocked The Hill for its headline, “Hillary’s unlikely ally: The media”.

Well, Fortune Magazine has topped that with this doozy of a headline:

“Hillary Clinton Is Not a Liar”

The article’s author Ben Geier critiqued the viral video which has Hillary lying for 13 minutes straight.

Geier writes, “There’s just one problem with the video: much of what it shows isn’t actually Hillary Clinton lying; it’s just typical political pandering. You can dislike the fact that politicians base their positions on what is popular at the time, but it is a simple fact of life in a a diverse, heterogenous (sic) democratic society.”

Yet curiously Geier makes no mention of Hillary’s dishonesty when it comes to NAFTA. Despite being a key figure in getting Congressional approval for NAFTA two decades ago, Hillary has been claiming, “I have been a critic of NAFTA from the very beginning.” Sorry, Mr. Geier. If Hillary is claiming to have been critic of NAFTA from the very beginning when she, in fact, saw to it that Congress passed NAFTA then one can only arrive at a single conclusion – Hillary Clinton is lying.

This is the most that Geier is willing to concede:

The video contains a few segments that can’t be explained away by pandering, namely the sequence about the State Department e-mail scandal and the question of Clinton’s statements about landing in wartorn Bosnia from the 2008 cycle. Without the ability to read Clinton’s mind, it is difficult to make a firm judgment on these situations.

So because Geier cannot read Hillary’s mind he thus cannot conclude if she is lying. That’s a cop out. By that reasoning, we cannot read Donald Trump’s mind either nor any other politician, but we can never truly know what they are precisely thinking. The video reminds us the frequency with which Hillary claimed she faced sniper fire until the media actually did its job. Then she was onto new lies.

I asked this last year and I shall ask it again. How is anything Hillary said about Bosnian sniper fire any different than what former NBC News anchor Brian Williams said about being under sniper fire in Iraq? At the time, the only conclusion I arrived at were that journalists are held to a higher standard than politicians. Then again something like this might have wiped out a run of the mill politician particularly any Republican not named Donald Trump. The Clintons have enjoyed special protection from the media for 25 years. How else can one explain a headline that basically says Hillary Clinton cannot tell a lie?

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