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Former Democrat Turned Author On a Mission to Expose Radicals Who Jeopardize America

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Richard Bernstein began to seriously rethink his views on both foreign and domestic policy. The former lifelong Democrat now believes radical elements have taken over his party and remain in position to threaten America’s long-term safety, security and economic health. His new book: “Duped America: How Democrats and the Mainstream Media Have Duped the American People and Are Harming Our Country” covers a compedium of issues in cogent, compelling manner that is likely to persuade any wavering Democrat.

“Unlike members of Congress who vote on huge stimulus bills without reading them, the American public ought to know all the facts before casting any votes,” he has observed. “Politicians are counting on us to stay uninformed. We can no longer listen to deceitful `sound bites” and accept them as truth.”

Despite the success U.S. counter-terrorism officials have had in blocking terror strikes aimed at American since 9/11, Bernstein is concerned that the current administration is unraveling policies that helped safeguard the public.

“Bush changed the way we treated Islamic terrorism,” he said. “Clinton treated as a law enforcement matter but Bush treated it as a war. Unfortunately I think we are going back to the pre 9/11 model where we read terrorists their Miranda rights and basically talk them out of telling us anything. But the way to defeat terrorism is through good intelligence.”

Although the book places a strong emphasis on national security concerns, Bernstein also probes into what he views as very wrongheaded economic policies. Democrats who are determined to impose a green agenda on the American people will ulimately sabotague the economy, he argues.

“Most of the green jobs that are created are just temporary jobs,” he said. “Take a look at Spain where this experiment has been tried. The experience over there should caution against the environmental agenda here in the U.S.”

Gabriel Calzada Alvarez, an economics professor at Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain found that the U.S. should anticipate losing at least 2.2 jobs on average for every one green job created, Bernstein explains in the book.

“Duped” is strong antidote against political correctness and progressive talking points. It covers complex policy questions in a widely readable and absorbable manner that is sure to influence the thinking of undecided voters in the right way.

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