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Flying Into Integration

So, a roundup of the week. On Monday, wifey and I flew to Atlanta. The people at LAX looked as usual — frantic, worried, frightened, angry. They took their seats and kept on looking tense. I fell asleep for most of the flight.

Except — I awakened and looked at the fine Delta in Flight Entertainment choices. To my delight, there was a film called Nixon on Nixon. It was highly edited, wildly biased, not at all representatives of what Nixon supposedly thought and believed, based on the tapes.

The excerpts themselves were a total scream. I liked especially the parts where the authors of the film tried to make Nixon look like an anti-Semite. Yes, indeed, they had a ton of Nixon quotes calling Jews familiar derogatory names.

But they also completely forgot to mention that most of Nixon’s top policy choices were Jewish — including Arthur F. Burns at the Federal Reserve and Henry Kissinger as National Security Adviser. They also forgot my dear old Pop as Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers.

And, of course, they completely forgot to mention that Richard Nixon was by far the most pro-Israel President there has ever been, that he personally saved Israel after Golda Meir’s catastrophic mistakes in the Yom Kippur War. The portrayal of Nixon was so wildly, insanely out of touch with who Nixon really was it made me laugh at first and then get very sad.

I was fascinated to see that one of the names behind the film was a Rockefeller. How the old Eastern money hated and envied Nixon, and it continues to this generation.

Never mind, God loves those who guard Israel. The movie made me nostalgic for those days. What an honor: to toil for the man who ended the war in Vietnam, opened China, and saved Israel. Just in opening China, RN lifted more people out of oppression and misery than any other world leader ever has. What a place he has in history.

When we got to Atlanta, it was as if we were on another planet. Even though it was Thanksgiving travel week, the airport was calm. The people in the concourses did not look worried. At the food court, I got fried chicken and ate next to a relaxed couple from Mississippi.

Black people, white people, men, women, all were happy. Somehow, this immense southern hub just has happier people than we have at my home in L.A. Many beautiful women and square-jawed men, too. A whole different look. Why? I am not sure. I think it’s because the southerners have been in America longer and feel safer.

We took a comfy small plane from ATL to Greenville. There, it was even more of a miracle. Men and women and children looked dramatically calmer, had more open faces, talked more cheerfully.

Everyone wished everyone else Happy Thanksgiving and seemed to me to mean it.

We had gone from a place of frightened people to a safe garden.

Our driver, Bob, took my wife and me to see our daughter-in-law and our granddaughter. Alas, the grandchild was asleep. Kitty was taking a test on line. So, wifey went to sleep.

Then Bob and I went to the nearest Waffle House. It was empty except for two immensely large waitresses and a very old cook. One other customer, a fantastically drunk white man with a beard, was playing ’50s R & B and literally hugging the jukebox as he danced slowly with it.

At midnight, Bob shook my hand for my 70th birthday.


On the way back to the Westin Poinsett, we passed a bar with lots of young people laughing outside. We went in. Three young women wanted their pictures taken kissing me on the cheek for my birthday. Not so bad.

In my room, I watched the Ferguson rioters and looters and thugs and attempted murderers steal liquor and cell phones and try to kill a reporter from CNN, who took it well. Those people are dirt. Just scum. Violent criminals. Not political. Not moral. Just savage beasts.

I wonder if any of those horrible “people” had jobs. Or went to school. Or ever went 24 hours without getting high. But the reporters on the liberal networks were saying the problem was with the Grand Jury. Why couldn’t they send an innocent policeman to prison just to satisfy the mob? These lefties in the MSM are not keeping their eyes on the ball.

Cui bono? To whom the benefit? No one benefits if there is violence after the “black leaders” have threatened violence — except the “black leaders”… They become more important, get on TV more, get more speaking gigs. The young hoodlums get maybe a case of beer. They get the momentary thrill in their pitiful lives of seeming powerful. But it doesn’t last. They’ll die in prison or of gang shootouts or of overdoses. The “black leaders” get limousines and private jets.

Selling a lie as big as this: “the black child’s danger is from the police…” pays well. Everyone, every single person with any sense, knows that’s a lie. But where is the profit in attacking the gang bangers? They might just shoot back. The police won’t.

By the way, don’t think that it’s only some black people who are angry about Ferguson. Except for the days of the busing struggle in the mid 1970s — which ended in the destruction of urban and suburban school systems all over the land — I have never seen white people as angry as they are about Ferguson.

People do not like to be pushed around. Not black people. Not white people. White people who see the police as their friends do not like seeing themselves called racists because they tell the truth about black crime. White people who pay taxes and obey the law don’t like to see themselves branded as immoral by apologists for gangsters.

Black people certainly have had terrible times in this country in the past. Terrible, terrible things were done to them. But at some point that’s not an excuse to blame white people for the problems they have brought on themselves.

The majority — decent people — the hard working family men and women, the churchgoers, the ones who care for their grandkids while the moms smoke rock — these are the victims of all of the lies about how racism caused all of their problems. They are the ones who live in fear, not of the cops, but of the bangers whom the Sharptons don’t talk too much about. They are the ones who suffer if the police are not around.

No race, no people, ever got to the Promised Land by blaming others for their problems. They get there by hard work and respect for God’s word. That won’t make the news but it’s true. The churchgoers know it.

Later that day, on the 25th, my birthday, Bob and I went to a Chick-fil-A. As I ate my fabulous sandwich, a black man walked by with a University of Alabama sweatshirt on.

“Roll, Tide,” I said.

“Roll, Tide,” he answered and then he introduced me to his daughter, who goes to Alabama. This is it, I thought to myself. This is truly it. Forty-five years ago or so, George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door to prevent the University of Alabama from integrating. Fifty-two years ago, three men died in riots aimed at keeping Ole Miss segregated. Now ’Bama has a number one or two rated football team that is largely black.

This is the reality. America has become an integrated society, especially in the South, land of friendly faces. Al Sharpton’s living and Barack Obama’s politics may require that we pretend that something else is happening, that this is still the America of the Klan. But that is a wicked lie, and though sin is bound to come, woe to him by whom it comes.

That “Roll Tide” man at Chick-fil-A. His daughter. Ole Miss as a highly integrated school. This is the reality of America today and it is a triumph. Much more to be done if we can get the leaders to step aside. But we have had a triumph. The rest of the world looks on in envy and the mainstream media tries to deny it, but these are glory days.

I will write more tomorrow.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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