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Flaw and Disorder

It is a vicious travesty and a monumental insult that Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial and Michael Byrd, the Capitol Police officer who killed Ashli Babbitt on January 6, is not.

What’s worse is this disgrace isn’t even a surprise given the Kafkaesque dystopia American society has become.

Rittenhouse’s trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he shot three Antifa rioters, two fatally, as they sequentially attempted to kill him should never have taken place. It was patently obvious to any fair-minded homo sapien that his was a classic case of self-defense; if anyone should be on trial in Kenosha it ought to be the political class in that city and state for not immediately bringing a force to bear sufficient to crush that city’s riot last year.

Why is this happening? Let’s recap. A violent criminal named Jacob Blake violated a restraining order the mother of his child had obtained against him. Blake was attempting to abscond with the couple’s child; the woman called the police. When the Kenosha cops arrived, Blake resisted. He was reaching into his car for a knife when he was shot. Blake survived.

Out-of-town thugs from Antifa and Black Lives Matter then descended on Kenosha, sparking a riot that immediately resulted in mass property damage. Weak politicians from Wisconsin’s simpleton governor Tony Evers on down did nothing to quell the riot, which meant law-abiding citizens were on their own to protect their lives and property.

Kyle Rittenhouse was part of a group of American patriots who came to Kenosha to help the citizens defend against the rioters. Rittenhouse’s group explicitly told them their defense was of Kenosha’s citizens and not its government. If they wanted to attack courthouses, city halls, and police stations, that was between them and the state. But not private businesses, they said. Those they would defend. After all, those gas stations, shops, car dealerships, and so forth played no part in the Jacob Blake incident and their owners were innocents.

This warning and exhortation didn’t just fall on deaf ears, it provoked a violent response. Rittenhouse, who at 17 years old should have been home with his family, was marked as a weak link. He was attacked almost instantly by a homeless and mentally unstable convicted child molester named Joseph Rosenbaum, who proceeded to throw things at him, called him a “n***er” (Rittenhouse is white and so was Rosenbaum) and chased him from a car dealership lot where rioters were damaging cars. Rittenhouse ultimately shot Rosenbaum and then fled from a mob of rioters.

Shortly thereafter, another rioter named Anthony Huber, who had a violent past including attempting to strangle his own brother, chased Rittenhouse down and swung a skateboard down onto his head and shoulders, knocking him down. Rittenhouse rolled and fired, hitting Huber center mass and killing him. Another rioter, Gaige Grosskreutz, possessed of a 10-year-long rap sheet including such highlights as domestic violence, burglary, and unlawful firearms possession, then drew a pistol — which he couldn’t legally possess — and advanced on Rittenhouse, who shot him in the arm and blew most of his bicep away.

Rittenhouse then attempted to surrender to the Kenosha police, who had earlier that night told him “we appreciate what you guys are doing” in attempting to protect private businesses from the looting and burning. He wasn’t arrested until later, when the media had concocted a narrative that he was a serial killer and a vigilante rather than a citizen and a patriot who did what law enforcement failed to do.

Monday the trial became such an unmitigated joke that when, under defense cross-examination, Grosskreutz admitted every element of Rittenhouse’s version of the interaction between the two, the prosecution attorney was spotted facepalming from his table.

That exchange came after Grosskreutz claimed under examination by the prosecution that he “thought I was gonna die.” Didn’t stop you from advancing on Rittenhouse with a gun drawn and aimed at him, did it?

Perhaps we’ll wait until the prosecution’s case finally grinds to a merciful halt before the judge issues a directed verdict; frankly, we shouldn’t have to endure any more. It almost looks like the prosecution is taking a dive on the case, perhaps bringing it solely out of fear that more mob violence would come if the charges were dropped as they should be.

You would think that given these facts as they’ve come out at trial that directed verdict would spare the jurors the responsibility of judging Rittenhouse. It turns out that this might be a matter of life and death given there are now threats being made against those jurors from an interesting source:

A video that went viral from a man who alleges he is the nephew of George Floyd raised eyebrows for seeming to suggest that jurors in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial could be exposed depending on the final verdict.

The now-deleted video was shared on Twitter showing Cortez Rice saying he knows people at the trial and that there are “cameras in there,” seeming to imply that jurors will allegedly be doxxed if they don’t deliver “the same results.”

“I ain’t even gonna name the people that I know that’s up in the Kenosha trial. But it’s cameras in there. It’s definitely cameras up in there. There’s definitely people taking pictures of the juries and everything like that,” Rice asserted in the video. “We know what’s going on, so we need the same results.”

You aren’t necessarily all that old if you can remember when this would have been a breathtaking departure from accepted conduct and likely to generate an immediate arrest for, among other things, obstruction of justice.

But not anymore. We’ve all but accepted that attempts to intimidate witnesses and jurors in court trials are not only tolerated but affirmatively influence the justice system.

Shouldn’t the FBI get involved in the Cortez Rice situation seeing as though this is a bald-faced attempt to deny Kyle Rittenhouse the constitutional right to a fair trial?

Sorry. We don’t live in that country anymore.

Instead, the FBI raids journalists from Project Veritas with no specific suspicion of criminal conduct.

You heard about that story, right?

You don’t have to be a fan of James O’Keefe’s style of journalism to be worried about how the government is reacting to it.

The FBI and Manhattan federal prosecutors are investigating the case of Ashley Biden’s diary: The president’s daughter says it was stolen in a burglary last year; an obscure right-wing website wound up publishing what it said are pages from it about 10 days before the election.

O’Keefe says someone shopped the diary to his Project Veritas, claiming Biden had left it somewhere. His outfit didn’t use it (in part because it couldn’t verify it), and he says he informed law enforcement of the whole thing.

But he has some ties to the outfit that did publish, which seems to be why the feds raided the homes of several current or former Veritas employees — before dawn, in O’Keefe’s own case.

He’s also outraged that the feds urged him not to go public with the subpoenas, but someone dropped a dime to the New York Times, which started calling for comment an hour after the first raids Thursday morning.

Journalists can’t be prosecuted for publishing stolen material unless they were part of the theft. And the theft in question hardly seems to rise to a federal crime.

And shield laws normally mean law enforcement can’t make reporters reveal a thing about their sources, even if they didn’t publish anything.

Journalists regularly publish material that has been leaked or even taken — consider the Times running President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Unless the feds know something about Veritas sanctioning the burglary, the diary does not warrant pre-dawn raids. It has all the marks of a political vendetta.

The obvious abuse of all of this would be shocking if it wasn’t happening at the same time as the Rittenhouse debauch. Now it’s par for the course.

Project Veritas never ran anything on the Ashley Biden diary. National File did, last October, after someone from Project Veritas gave the scoop to that website’s reporter Patrick Howley. Everybody ignored Howley’s story right before the election, even though the diary reportedly contained evidence that Ashley Biden believed she’d been sexually molested. The diary contains an account of “showers with my dad (probably not appropriate)” and a rambling description of being hypersexualized at a young age — something consistent with child molestation.

Let’s just say the quiet part out loud here. This document points toward the idea that a man running for president had sexually molested his daughter, the information was available to the American public, and it was buried amid questions about its authenticity.

But now the FBI has gotten involved in investigating the theft of someone’s diary and is busy raiding the homes of conservative journalists.

And in the process, the FBI has authenticated a document that accuses the president of the United States of sexually inappropriate behavior, if not outright molestation, of his own daughter.

Given the manifest video evidence of Biden creeping on other people’s daughters and the outcome of Ashley Biden’s turbulent and unfortunate life, it is not impossible to believe the accusation is true.

James O’Keefe isn’t who ought to be raided by the FBI. The proper target for such aggressive investigation resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

What’s so truly disgusting about the Kafkaesque character of our legal, law enforcement, government, intelligence, academic, and media communities, which generate outrages such as these not just daily but hourly, is that nobody has any expectation it’ll get better.

Oh, sure, the Republicans are likely to retake the House and Senate majorities, but when 13 RINO members of the House of Representatives bail Biden out of an ignominious defeat by voting for the 178-proof waste of tax dollars that is the “bipartisan infrastructure bill” rather than allowing it to collapse and thus force a more targeted and less idiotic bill to be run through Capitol Hill, it’s hard to get very excited about a legislative fix.

And there is no fix coming for the thunderous abuse of the legal system in our cities. Or the cultural depredations in our entertainment media. Or the nonstop indoctrination and abuse in our public schools that can’t be fixed by electing Republicans to school boards (which should be done, but so long as teachers’ unions exist and our universities are ideological charnel houses training woke drones to teach your kids, you won’t reverse the problem).

We’re not in a political war. We aren’t even in a cultural war. Both are happening, but they’re symptoms of what’s really gone wrong.

We’re in a spiritual war.

The bedrock moral and intellectual foundation of the country, the Judeo-Christian value system which built Western civilization and perfected us, is under attack by fanatics of a woke radical communist atheism. Those fanatics are hard at work destroying everything you know about America, and you can see their work everywhere.

You can see it in Kenosha, where local pols and cops and prosecutors are so afraid of the woke terror mob that they’ll prosecute the defenders rather than the rioters. You can see it in the media, where Biden’s political and moral corruption is covered up and excused away while a campaign of abject fabricated lies is peddled against Donald Trump in collusion with government officials. You can see it in Hollywood and the NFL, where actors are fired for the sin of recognizing humanity is divided into male and female, and star quarterbacks are set upon for asserting control over their own bodies.

We’re in Bizarro World for a reason. We’re where we are because there are people in positions of responsibility who have dragged us here.

They hate us. They’re gaslighting and impoverishing us. They’re even oppressing and imprisoning us. And if we don’t speak loudly and carry the fight back to them, we are going to lose our country to them.

Scott McKay
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