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Filibuster Bluster and Other Schiffs in the Story

Chuck wants to get nuked. Says he’s going to filibuster the Gorsuch nomination because, among other things, there’s a cloud hanging over the president who nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Has anyone seen that cloud? No. Is it adding to climate change? No. Is it a matter of just giving Scott Pruitt at the EPA more time? Hardly.

So what we have is a call for nuclear proliferation, courtesy of Schemer Schumer himself. Go ahead, you’ll be doing both of us a favor, he might as well be saying to Mitch McConnell. Choose the nuclear option. And finish the deal Harry Reid started. As in most things dirty and political, they started it and now it’s up to the good guys to end it.

Wherever we look, Chuck’s charges are behaving like hyenas (with apologies to real hyenas). This week’s cohort has never recovered from the rabies and other ailments that have chewed away at their spotted souls. Who let them out of their cages in the presence of Judge Gorsuch? There was Al Franken, who when he’s not rude he must not be breathing or he’s snoring or checking himself out in the mirror in his endless pursuit of the absurd. There’s Dianne Feinstein, determined to rid our politics of any pro-lifer all on behalf of the defenseless and those without access to her husband’s (and her own) insiderish mega-bucks. There’s Dick Durbin, in over his head as Joe Biden always was, but even more clumsy upon being handed his lunch by the object of his would-be ambush. We regretted only that Judge Gorsuch did not declare all of them, and that includes Leaky Leahy, in contempt of court and ordered them removed from America’s courtroom.

At least Rep. Adam Schiff is not yet a senator. And since he’s a resident of California, are any of its Senate seats open to a mere male? Nonetheless, he spells trouble. It’s all in his eyes, assuming they don’t pop out of their sockets. He redefines gung-ho. Or rather, he’s a marsupial, hoping to lead a kangaroo court that will run our president out of Dodge and straight to the gulag. Prosecutorial overreach and demagogy are his métier. His Intelligence Committee chairman has to watch his back at all times, not to mention the back of his head. In a different time and place, Schiff would have been called Vyshinsky. And from all you hear, he’s the best the Dems have, a genuine rising star. Unless you prefer Al Franken. Only one of them is absurd.

These deviants can do better. Miss Benghazi herself, Susan Rice, announced her readiness to resume a major leadership role as she wagged her finger at the president for being untruthful in public and so risking his credibility. She did so with a straight face, which in her case has always revealed a permanent smirk – something you master when you’ve got five consecutive Sunday morning shows appearances ahead of you at which being truthful is not an option.

What about James Comey? Yeah, what about him. Is he always out for blood? Yes and no, in an endless back and forth of an aggressive-passive-aggressive nature. So now it’s Trump’s turn. Except it turns out Comey was going after Trump even while going after/not going after Lady Hillary last year. Except if he was going after Trump already last summer, why was he not collecting any evidence against him? Or was he? Here’s some new evidence that should get his revive his scent for blood. Recall the recent revelation that pre-President Trump declared $150 million in income for 2005? You know how much that would be in rubles? We’ve discovered that comes to more than 8.6 billion in Tsarist change. So he is a billionaire any way you look at it. And definitely with Russki help, if only as a backup scheme. Who will now leak word to Schiff?

Whoever it is, Director Comey, there’s your Enemy of the Week. Just hope it’s not you, looking into a two-way mirror.

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