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Don’t Call Her Crazy

By now everyone is aware that Rachel Dolezal, the ridiculous and obviously white university professor from Spokane who had to resign as the local NAACP chapter president after her fraudulent claims of hate-crime victimhood induced her parents to debunk her equally fraudulent claim to be African-American, is in the midst of her proverbial famous 15 minutes.

And the common judgement of Dolezal, at least on the Right, is that she’s a loon.

This judgment is simply wrong. Dolezal isn’t the least bit crazy. Even the bizarre behavior and statements from this woman — that she was born in a teepee, that a black man she never met until adulthood is her actual father, that there is no “biological” proof her parents are actually her parents, her claiming to have known she was actually black since the age of five despite suing Howard University for discriminating against her based on her European heritage, her plagiarized art, the fraudulent representation of her black adopted brother as her son, and so on — are perfectly explainable.

Without diving too deeply into the strange tales that make up her story, a very simple understanding can be reached about Dolezal. Namely, that she recognized at a young age what a profit could be had through participation in the race industry and its various scams, and she was undeterred by the fact she wasn’t truly a member of an oppressed class. Dolezal just decided to invent herself as such a person, and commence doing what everyone else in the race industry does — repeat the leftist bromides about racism and inequality, regardless of the evidence to support them, tell fish stories of personal suffering at the hands of The Man, live the bohemian lifestyle expected of a social justice warrior, and demand recompense for the injustices and microaggressions productive society inflicts on those who cannot or will not follow its rules.

And in Dolezal’s case that decision was a perfectly rational, and perfectly profitable, one. It gave her a university sinecure as an adjunct professor of “Africana Studies” even in the absence of any discernible academic merit, and it gave her prestige within the community — as the local NAACP chapter president and as the chair of a local police ombudsman commission. She merited none of that status, and her performance in each of those roles was as one might predict.

But until she was outed as white by her parents, and that exposure was publicized by local and regional media with viral expansion once the Internet caught the story, no one ever thought to give Dolezal the bum’s rush. Not when it became obvious she was lying to police about being the victim of a hate crime, not when whistleblower complaints to the ombudsman commission painted her as having “created a negative work environment, attempted to draft and adopt policies before a new ombudsman was seated, pushed for evaluations of staff before that ombudsman could be seated and instituted a policy of altering meeting minutes” and not even when the NAACP suffered the embarrassment of having a faux-black chapter head. That organization’s first action when the story broke was to stand by Dolezal and declaim the necessity that its leaders be black; it was only after public ridicule of her mendacity that they were shamed into seeking and obtaining her resignation.

She’s no longer an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington, either, but her employment there ended according to a previous schedule and had nothing to do with her sudden fame-cum-infamy.

Nevertheless, her change in status shows corruption and incompetence is repaid in the end, right?

Hardly. By Tuesday, Dolezal was no longer in the Pacific Northwest but in New York, answering softball questions from Matt Lauer on the Today Show. And that’s not all she was doing

Dolezal, currently in New York City after appearing on TODAY Tuesday morning, has been “offered two reality shows from different production companies,” an insider told Radar. “The offers were made last week along with several others that were just outrageous. Rachel recognizes that she is going to need an agent and a publicist, and is going to be hiring a professional team in the next few days.”

Plus the punch line, in which you’ll find such nobility in all this that you must not judge or ridicule her…

 “Rachel wants to use all of the publicity to raise awareness about race relations,” the source said.

Of course. Millions for lies in the name of Social Justice.

Do you think your opprobrium is suitable retribution for this woman? Do you think your ridicule and rejection will dissuade the next Rachel Dolezal from plying her trade?

We don’t live in that society anymore. The Social Justice Warriors have no use for your demand for honesty, integrity, or authenticity. What matters is The Struggle, and the more they can get away with flaunting their rejection of civilized morality the better The Struggle goes.

Some 71 percent of the viewers of MSNBC actually believe she’s black. So much for your rationality and objective truth.

A year from now Rachel Dolezal will be no less celebrated than Sandra Fluke or Lena Dunham, two other leftist serial fabulists pumped into the mainstream culture like so much carbon monoxide from automotive exhaust. A year from now she will be wealthy and important, go to all the right cocktail parties, and hold a position at a more prestigious institution than Eastern Washington University.

And a reality TV show. Maybe even an NAACP Image Award. If R. Kelly can rate one, why not?

In the culture the Social Justice Warriors have made, it doesn’t matter that Rachel Dolezal has exploded the idea that “black” equals “disadvantaged” or that race is no longer immutable. It doesn’t matter that her lies have exposed the entire race industry as a ridiculous scam. And while you might think that culture is devoid of reason and accountability — and you would be right in thinking so — Rachel Dolezal couldn’t care less. Your disapproval signals your bigotry, which makes you unqualified to judge her.

She knows this, and she has played the game well. She’s perfectly sane. She’s ridiculous, and she’s a creep. But she’ll have made a more comfortable life for herself than her parentage and talents could ever have warranted — and perhaps more than you’ll ever manage.

Judge her character, certainly, though to do so renders you old-fashioned and oppressive. But don’t judge her sanity. She’s the perfect embodiment of the modern professional Left, and she knows what she’s doing.

Scott McKay
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Scott McKay is publisher of the Hayride, which offers news and commentary on Louisiana and national politics. He’s also a writer of fiction — check out his three Tales of Ardenia novels Animus, Perdition and Retribution at Amazon. Scott's other project is The Speakeasy, a free-speech social and news app with benefits - check it out here.
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