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Robert Stacy McCain is the author of Sex Trouble: Essays on Radical Feminism and the War Against Human Nature. He blogs at

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Is It ‘Hate Speech’ to Tell the Truth?


Americans are no longer a free people, if debate on major public-policy issues is effectively criminalized, which is what the Democrats and their allies are attempting to do with regard to our immigration policy. We are now being told in effect that it is “hate speech” to express opposition to the open-borders agenda of Nancy […]

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Election 2018: Worst-Case Scenario


Monday morning, I made the mistake of switching the TV to CNN. As a journalist, sometimes I like to watch CNN just to see what’s happening in that alternative universe where a scion of the Cuomo dynasty is regarded as an impartial arbiter of news. But Monday morning was a bad time to check on […]

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Election 2018: Is the ‘Wave’ Turning Red?


As a mob of thousands of migrants made their way north from Honduras toward the U.S. border last week, events in a closely-watched congressional race took an important turn. Politico reported that Democrats had pulled resources out of their campaign against Republican Rep. Will Hurd in the 23rd District of Texas. If their national leadership has […]

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Taylor Swift Is Wrong


When did Phil Bredesen become a heroic figure in “the fight for LGBTQ rights”? That was the first thought that hit me when I read pop singer Taylor Swift’s endorsement of the Tennessee Democrat’s Senate campaign on her Tumblr fan page. Miss Swift seems to be under the impression that Bredesen, a 74-year-old former governor, is […]

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The Party of Screaming Women


Deranged and desperate, driven mad by President Trump’s successes, Democrats disgraced themselves in defeat as their dishonest smears failed to stop Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation as the 114th justice of the Supreme Court. As the nomination process culminated in a 50-48 Senate vote, Americans witnessed the stark insanity of howling mobs the Democrats unleashed on Capitol […]

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Everybody Loves Racism


My teenage son had a date Sunday, but the girl lives more than an hour away and my son doesn’t yet have his driver’s license, so I was recruited as the parental accomplice in this romantic mission. We met up with the girl and her parents at a shopping mall, and then I had to […]

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What Does ‘Credible’ Mean?


Something is wrong with Christine Blasey Ford’s story, and not just the fact that none of the people she named as witnesses to her alleged 1982 encounter with Brett Kavanaugh remember any such incident. There is a conspicuous hole in Professor Ford’s biography — some important details seem to be missing — and we don’t […]

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Kavanaugh: Into the Twilight Zone


We are no longer living in a republic, and no longer governed by the rule of law, if Senate Democrats succeed in their dishonest smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh. Abandoning every concept of justice and all standards of decency, Democrats have disgraced themselves in their desperate partisan effort to derail Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the […]

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Democrats and the Rape of Justice


Where were you in the spring of 1982? Can you verify your whereabouts and produce evidence to establish that you weren’t molesting prep-school girls in suburban Maryland? Christine Blasey Ford insists she’s a victim and, while the main suspect is Brett Kavanaugh, perhaps no man can be entirely sure he won’t be summoned before the Senate […]

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Amazon Bans Roosh: How Love Became ‘Hate’


Every day now seems to bring more news of people being banned from social media, fired from their jobs, or even targeted for violence for expressing disagreement with liberals. Recent victims of this ongoing purge include Infowars host Alex Jones, White House speechwriter Darren Beattie and bestselling author David Horowitz. Evidence continues to accumulate that the […]

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