Paul Kengor

Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College. His books include Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century and the forthcoming book A Pope and a President: John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the Extraordinary Untold Story of the 20th CenturyHe is a senior editor at The American Spectator.

The Democrats’ Shameless Political Pandering


Politicians pander. Political parties pander. I’d never assert that the GOP is pure and holy. And yet, what we’re seeing from the Democratic Party in 2018, on the eve of next week’s midterms, is shameless political pandering, period. Yes, liberals, I know that flies in the face of your narrative, and headlines like the one […]

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Death at the Tree of Life Synagogue


“Pray for us, I will call you later.” That was the text message we received from our 16-year-old daughter at 10:16 a.m. on Saturday morning as we drove down Liberty Avenue toward Pittsburgh’s Strip District. My wife called her immediately. “Are you okay? Were you in an accident? What’s happening?” I heard a gasp from […]

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‘On Your Marx’: Marxist Idiocy at NYU


I recently wrote about the Karl Marx bicentennial birthday bash being celebrated throughout 2018 at Carnegie Mellon University. There, at an annual tuition cost of $61,541 (not including room and board), students can bask in lectures like “Why Marx Now,” “How Marx Now,” and the utterly unmissable “The Politics of Everybody: Feminism, Queer Theory, and Marxism at the Intersection,” […]

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Believe Emmett Till


The “Believe Women” movement started with a commendable goal, namely, to take women seriously when they charge that they’ve been sexually harassed. But now, in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh spectacle, and the uncorroborated charges made against him by Christine Blasey Ford — uncorroborated by the very witnesses Ford herself named and the FBI […]

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Women Who Lied About Sexual Assault


Over the weekend, a throng of angry protesters gathered outside the Capitol Building with signs and t-shirts touting a new battle cry: BELIEVE WOMEN. It’s a slogan that took off with the #MeToo movement, but it’s in hyperdrive right now. The left found this slogan useful in serving its latest political purpose: an attempted takedown […]

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High-Tech Lynching, 2018-Style


 Iwrote here on Monday that Christine Blasey Ford’s tearful testimony last week seemed heartfelt and believable, as did Brett Kavanaugh’s denials. Fortunately for Kavanaugh, Ford’s allegations apparently cannot be corroborated by the very alleged witnesses she listed as witnesses. I say apparently because, at this point, the FBI investigation and report demanded by Democrats has not been […]

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Brett Kavanaugh’s Abortion Critics and Hypocrites


Something undeniably bad happened to Christine Blasey Ford in the early 1980s. That seems clear. Whether the chief perpetrator was Brett Kavanaugh is something we may never know with absolute certainty, even as his alleged accomplice (named by Ford) likewise insists on Kavanaugh’s innocence. Still, Ford’s story, given in her compelling and emotional testimony, seemed […]

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Ronald Reagan’s Soulcraft


In a modern world of dispiriting news, I offer for your perusal something uplifting. It’s an edifying letter from August 1982, found only recently, written by a great man and great president. Credit goes to Karen Tumulty, who discovered the letter within the personal keepsakes of Nancy Reagan. Tumulty, a journalist, is writing a biography of […]

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The Man Who Lost to Obama — and to the ’60s Radicals


It was Friday, February 8, 2008. The place was CPAC, the annual gathering of conservatives in Washington. It was the night of the premiere event, the Ronald Reagan Banquet. The speaker earlier that evening had been George F. Will. This much-anticipated CPAC was expected to be one of the best because it would fall early […]

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Trump Hits Communist China and Liberal Universities


President Trump this week delivered a blow against the corrupt communist Chinese and our corrupt liberal universities. The double-whammy was a delicious slap that few noticed, including the president’s supporters. Unbeknownst to the vast majority of Americans, including conservatives, the Chinese government has been busily establishing so-called Confucius Institutes on campuses all across the country. […]

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