Paul Kengor

Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College. His books include Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century and the forthcoming book A Pope and a President: John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the Extraordinary Untold Story of the 20th Century.

Bruno Sammartino

Death of a Legend… Goodbye to Bruno Sammartino


They were lined up out the door on Sunday at the Freyvogel Sons Funeral Home on Centre Avenue in the North Oakland section of Pittsburgh. It’s a picturesque part of the Oakland-Shadyside area, with stately old houses aplenty. South Oakland, by contrast, has always been blue collar, marked by row houses, corner restaurants, bars, and […]

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Barbara Bush Robin Bush Religious Faith

Remembering Barbara Bush — and Robin


Only two women were both wife to a president and mother to a president. One was Abigail Adams, who died 200 years ago, October 28, 1818; the other was Barbara Bush, who died yesterday, April 17, 2018. Mrs. Bush was 92 years old. Barbara Bush will be remembered as simple and unpretentious, especially following Nancy […]

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Ted Kennedy Collusion Russia Chappaquiddick

The Kremlin’s Dupe: Ted Kennedy’s Russia Romance


As the film Chappaquiddick brings Ted Kennedy’s ugliest public scandal to the big screen, I here propose a sequel of equally high drama and even higher stakes, rising to the highest levels of national security. It was another Kennedy outrage, made more scandalous by the Massachusetts senator’s protectors in the press. We might call this film […]

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All in the Left’s Family: Roseanne Barr and Archie Bunker


Conservatives seem intrigued by the new rendition of Roseanne, which, for the record, I plan not to watch. A mere small sample of the typical cultural gruel served up by the TV networks can be seriously unhealthy to body, mind, and soul. But I digress. The resurrected Roseanne is the talk among the nattering nabobs […]

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John Brennan’s President… Remembering Comrade Gus Hall


Obama CIA director John Brennan, a subject of ongoing analysis at The American Spectator, recently uncorked an epic Twitter rant. Enraged by President Trump’s words aimed at FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, Brennan steamed at the president: “When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your […]

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Stormy, Lewinsky, and Hypocrisy


CBS’s 60 Minutes rounded out Palm Sunday yesterday with an exclusive interview with porn-star Stormy Daniels leveling salacious charges against President Trump. The interview was aired almost 20 years to the day of another surreal interview involving a president and sensational sexual allegations. On March 24, 1998, the New York Times provided a platform for […]

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Why Isn’t Trump Tweeting This?


Over the last two weeks at The American Spectator, journalist Kevin Mooney reported a significant story he has been investigating for at least a year. The potential political repercussions could expose one of the most disturbing Russia-collusion scandals of the Trump era — and it doesn’t implicate Donald Trump. To the contrary, it would implicate […]

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McDupes… International Women’s Day and Its Useful Idiots


As official chronicler of dupes hoodwinked by the communist movement, I bestow this year’s International Women’s Day sucker award upon McDonald’s restaurant chain. Last year at this august publication I recognized the guys at Caterpillar. This year, I confer the dubious honor upon McDonald’s. For the uninformed, International Women’s Day — heralded boldly and colorfully […]

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In Commie Wonderland


In 1972, Charles Cole was a 20-something American embarking on an ideological odyssey: a tour of duty through the USSR as a Russian-speaking guide for a cultural-exchange exhibit sponsored by the U.S. Information Agency. Trained at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, Cole jumped at the chance to serve his nation abroad with his skills. These exhibits were powerful in educating Soviet citizens about the freedoms in America that their totalitarian government lied about unceasingly. As for the U.S. government’s investment in this program, William F. Buckley Jr. wrote that he couldn’t imagine a “better-leveraged” use of tax dollars.

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God Bless You, Cecile…


“Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you.” So cooed Barack Obama, America’s abortion president, to Planned Parenthood, America’s abortion provider, in a love-fest at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington on April 26, 2013. “I love you!” shouted one of the abortion girls. “I love you back,” responded the abortion president. It was a […]

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