George Neumayr

George Neumayr, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is author of the new book, The Political Pope: How Pope Francis Is Delighting the Liberal Left and Abandoning Conservatives. He is co-author of an earlier book, No Higher PowerObama’s War on Religious Freedom.

Strzok Out, Ohr In


The FBI finally pink-slipped Peter Strzok on Monday. The Deep State’s policy is to keep its bad employees close and its worst employees even closer. The cocky Strzok had thought he might survive under that rule, but apparently even Mueller pal Christopher Wray has his limits. The FBI had made sure to keep Strzok employed […]

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Who Hired Stefan Halper?


Stefan Halper, the Cambridge University con man that the Obama administration hired to brush up against the Trump campaign, is not a household name, thanks to the Fake News media, which refuses to cover Spygate honestly. Had this fraud, who enriched himself for years at taxpayer expense (during the Obama administration he pulled down hundreds […]

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Never Forget the Brennan-Brit Plot to Nail Trump


It cannot be repeated enough that the Mueller probe into foreign collusion was itself the product of foreign collusion. Starting even before Trump entered the presidential race, Obama’s CIA director John Brennan was colluding with foreign spies to collect unverified information about Trumpworld. In 2014, Stefan Halper, the long-in-the-tooth CIA asset whom the FBI would […]

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Carter Page

The Withered Branches on Mueller’s Poisoned Tree


The civil libertarians of the press — those card-carrying ACLU members who toss and turn at night worrying about the diminution of “privacy” — all rushed to the defense of the FBI after the release of its disgracefully flimsy FISA warrant on Carter Page. The hypocrisy of it all takes one’s breath away, as reporters […]

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Turning the Tables on Tariffs


The chattering class is wedded to a view of Trump as the most blinkered of protectionists, who is just itching to foment trade wars. That’s why the media completely ignored his call to eliminate tariffs altogether, which he proposed at the G-7 meetings in Quebec. That cut too much against the media’s narrative. “We should […]

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John Brennan Misses Communist Russia


John Brennan’s anti-Trump tweets grow more and more maniacal. His latest tweet holds that Donald Trump’s Russian diplomacy in Helsinki “rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.’ It was nothing short of treasonous.” That tells people all they need to know about the unseriousness of the left’s impeachment drive, not to […]

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Peter Strzok, A Cocky Liar to the End


The Peter Strzok hearing was a travesty, starting with the fact that he testified as a cocooned, lawyered-up government employee still working for the FBI. It is outrageous that he hasn’t been fired yet. He even still has a security clearance! That alone is proof of the deep state’s hold on certain executive branch agencies. […]

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From a Kennedy to a Kavanaugh


For all the hysteria about Trump as an unconventional president, his big choices often prove pretty conventional. His second appointment to the Supreme Court is much like his first — another mild-mannered veteran judge with a pedigree the Dems will find hard to puncture. Trump has just made life considerably harder for Democrats in red […]

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The Irony of the Left’s Opposition to Barrett


For most Senate Democrats presiding over judicial confirmations, the only good Catholic is a bad one. They will only confirm Catholic nominees who reject authoritative Church teaching in favor of liberalism. In the presumed pro-life conscientiousness of Amy Coney Barrett, the Democrats smell big trouble. But the irony of their fears about the “dogma living […]

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Mueller’s Kafkaesque Probe


The chattering class’s frenzied discussion of the Mueller probe is like listening to George Carlin’s old parody advertisement in which he gushes over a product that he never bothers to identify: “Get one now! Everybody has one! They’re almost gone! They’re portable, lightweight, easy to use, collapsible, convenient and guaranteed! Get one now! The new […]

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