George Neumayr

George Neumayr, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is author of the new book, The Political Pope: How Pope Francis Is Delighting the Liberal Left and Abandoning Conservatives. He is co-author of an earlier book, No Higher PowerObama’s War on Religious Freedom.

Comey, Careless and Corrupt


Drunk on his own self-deluded rectitude, James Comey has become one of the most insufferable voices on the Left. He teaches “ethics” at William & Mary, but it is hard to imagine a more unethical FBI director than one who signs off on the most invasive spying warrants imaginable without bothering to verify them, or […]

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The Stench From Scranton


In 2017, homosexual activists celebrated Bishop Joseph Bambera of Scranton, Pennsylvania, for allowing a heretical priest to speak at a Catholic university in his diocese. “A Catholic college and Pennsylvania bishop are the latest public supporters of Fr. James Martin, SJ, after they refused to concede to right-wing activists who wanted the priest disinvited from […]

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Comey and the FISA Warrant Hillary Bought


James Comey uncorked the whopper earlier this year that he still “didn’t know for a fact” Hillary Clinton financed the infamous dossier of Christopher Steele — an epic lie reminiscent of his denial, leaked through James Clapper and other stooges, that the FBI spied on Trump Tower, even as warrants to spy on Trump Tower […]

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Brazil’s Trumpian Turn


Liberal cranks over the years have hissed that Republicans in the United States win on “God, guns, and gays.” In Brazil, notes the UK Spectator, they hiss that “fascists” have returned to power on a platform of “beef, bibles, and bullets.” Brazil’s president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, is the “Trump of the tropics,” warns the media. But […]

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What Begins in Bad Theology Ends in Police Raids


Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, whose Galveston-Houston chancery was raided this week by prosecutors in search of abuse-related files, always struck me as a pretty haunted and compromised figure. DiNardo came out of Pittsburgh and the corrupt milieu of Cardinal John Wright, who was an accused pederast and a mentor to such slimy prelates as Donald Wuerl. […]

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Where’s the Beef, Mueller?


The Mueller investigation remains a “collusion” probe without any collusion. For all of the media’s heavy breathing about Thursday’s news of a Michael Cohen guilty plea, it doesn’t get Mueller any closer to the stated goal of his investigation. On CNN, where its programming is an endless game of anti-Trump gotcha, Jeff Zucker’s puppets recited […]

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Why Britain Doesn’t Want Trump to Declassify Obamagate Docs


“FISA declassification will assure all the actors who tried to harm America are finally exposed,” George Papadopoulos wrote on Twitter last week. “Alexander Downer, the Australian government, UK, and GCHQ (British intelligence). If FISA is not declassified, these foreign governments will try to interfere again in 2020 to hurt Trump and the movement.” Meanwhile, the […]

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The Stench From CupichChurch


The winds of scandal whipping around the Church’s gay pederasty problem are not dissipating but picking up speed. This is foiling the devious plans of Pope Francis, who deliberately scheduled his “abuse summit” six months out in the hopes that few would care about it by then. News of that quickie gathering of bishops scheduled […]

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Why Won’t the Bishops Question McCarrick?


My encounter with Cardinal Joseph Tobin last week was too brief for extensive questioning. I wish that I had had time to ask him why Francesco Castiglione, the Italian actor whom he admitted lived at his rectory until I reported it, would go “back” to Italy if his presence in New Jersey was explained by […]

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Reflections on the Bishops in Baltimore


As I walked outside the hotel in Baltimore where the bishops gathered last week for their annual Fall conference, I noticed a couple of bishops taking a smoke break. One was puffing a cigar, the other a cigarette. I overheard one say to the other: “What do you think of the conference so far?” The other […]

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