George Neumayr

George Neumayr, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is author of the new book, The Political Pope: How Pope Francis Is Delighting the Liberal Left and Abandoning Conservatives. He is co-author of an earlier book, No Higher PowerObama’s War on Religious Freedom.

The Immorality of the Open Borders Party


“A wall is an immorality between countries,” Nancy Pelosi said the other day. The New York Times recently ran a piece entitled “There is Nothing Wrong with Open Borders.” Democrats across the country routinely call for the abolition of ICE and the spread of sanctuary cities. Here and there Democrats may dissent from the platform of […]

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The Paranoid Style at the FBI


The FBI’s counterintelligence probe of Trump marks one of its lowest moments of political paranoia. As anti-Trump hysteria, before and after his election, swept through Washington, D.C., Comey and his staff succumbed to it, turning the FBI into an extension of the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton’s opposition researcher, Christopher Steele, might as well have had […]

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The Unraveling of Wuerl’s Lies


In the latest revelation about Donald Wuerl — that, contrary to his claims of ignorance, he knew about McCarrick’s misconduct for at least 14 years — he emerges as the amoral but self-protective bureaucrat, undone by his own pass-the-buck-style record-keeping, which gives a grimly ironic dimension to his downfall. Wuerl’s policy wasn’t one of zero […]

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Much Ado About Manafort


If members of the Mueller team had found the Holy Grail of impeachable material against Trump, they would have leaked it by now. Consequently, the media’s latest cries of “collusion” ring hollow. They are based not on a leak from the Mueller team but from an accidental disclosure by Manafort’s lawyers that one of Mueller’s […]

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Is It Biden Time?


In the first year or so of Trump’s presidency, Joe Biden hit the talk-show circuit, musing on his own wonderfulness. “I have regret that I am not president,” he said to one host. “Because I think there’s so much opportunity. I think America is incredibly well-positioned.” These days he is mulling a presidential run, telling […]

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The Pope’s Laxity Catches Up With Him


Pope Francis lectured the American bishops this week on their “crisis of credibility” even as his own reputation took another hit in the wake of revelations about one of his protégés. It turns out that another McCarrick-like predator has been nesting at the Vatican under the patronage of this famously permissive pope. “Pope Francis’ Argentinean […]

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Merchants of Propaganda


Previews of Jill Abramson’s upcoming book, Merchants of Truth, portray it as a blown whistle on the paper’s incorrigible anti-Trump streak. But is the criticism sincere? Or is she just settling scores with Dean Baquet, an old colleague who bested and replaced her? It appears like the latter, especially since Abramson scrutinizes Baquet for the […]

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Another Year of Torrential Media Bias


Early in his presidency Donald Trump put his finger on the media’s rawest wound — that “no one believes” it anymore. But the more the public shrugs at the media’s propaganda, the more journalists insist on labeling their transparently biased coverage as “factual” and “truthful.” Today’s CNN is so hopelessly biased it makes the days […]

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Business as Usual in the Church


In September of this year, Kenneth Lasch, a retired monsignor from the New Jersey diocese of Paterson, went public with his story of ignored whistle-blowing against a priest still serving in Paterson. Both the Boston Globe and CNN told Lasch’s story without naming the priest to whom Lasch was referring. They reported Lasch’s charges and his […]

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Forever Nipping at His Heels


The left’s obsessions are as stale as ever. But they give liberals something to do during vacation: In the morning, they can open up the New York Times and read about Trump’s Vietnam-era “bone spurs”; in the afternoon, they can hit the cinema and watch a long movie about Dick Cheney’s “unitary” theory of executive power. […]

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