Daniel J. Flynn

Daniel J. Flynn, the author of The War on Football: Saving America’s Game, edits Breitbart Sports.


Attack of the Pfft People


The cool clique inevitably reveals itself as the loser league. In Napoleon Dynamite, this phenomenon plays out during the school-auditorium-dance-routine scene, when cool kid Don delivers a patronizing “pfft,” as his classmates go crazy over the title character’s sweet moves. You see it in Revenge of the Nerds, when the dorks switch places with the […]

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Trump Makes Thanksgiving Great Again


Thanksgiving was “yuge” for some, “low energy” for others. The first Tuesday (after the first Monday) in November tends to affect the fourth Thursday in November like that. At least, it does every leap year. Once for football and family and food, Thanksgiving increasingly evokes a day when a table’s seats become soap boxes. The […]

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Clinton Crybabies Flunk Out of the Electoral College


Can you believe the injustice done to the Pittsburgh Steelers? They gained more yardage and secured ten more first downs than the Cowboys last Sunday, but, because of arcane NFL rules privileging putting the ball in the end zone, the league awarded the victory to Dallas. No fair! Millions of Americans make this protest, if […]

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The Politics of Catharsis


Catharsis and its ugly flipside schadenfreude characterize the emotions of conservatives this week. The feelings of liberals run a wider gamut encompassing shock, sadness, confusion, revenge, and much else. In Chicago, a group of black men kicked a turtled-up white man as an amused mob taunted, “You voted Trump” and “You gonna pay for that […]

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The Votes Are In — The Media Lost the Election


The Fourth Estate enjoys no special immunity from the law of diminishing returns. The louder Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, and Andrea Mitchell scold voters for daydreaming of committing heresies against democracy in the voting booth on November 8, the firmer viewers press that internal mute button in their minds. A liberal-bias Laffer Curve demonstrates that […]

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Clinton Email Scandal Evokes Berger Burglary


A Sandy Berger quality colors Hillary Clinton shielding her State Department emails from FOIA requests and Congressional subpoenas, but not foreign hackers, on a private server. More than a decade ago, the late national security advisor to President Bill Clinton shoved documents from the National Archives down his pants and in his socks. Under the […]

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Clinton Foundation Should Be Investigated Under RICO


The former head of the FBI’s New York office tells The American Spectator that the Department of Justice quashed an investigation of the Clinton Foundation, an outfit that he says rates an investigation under the same statutes used to prosecute the mafia. “They are a crime family,” James Kallstrom tells The American Spectator of Bill […]

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Reopening Email Investigation Stain on Clinton AND Comey


Anthony Weiner, a man ill-equipped to keep even his most private equipment from public exposure, possessed emails from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on his home computer. The revelation prompted the FBI to announce Friday a reopening of its investigation into the former secretary of state sending and receiving public business on a private server. […]

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WikiLeaks Shines Light on Forked-Tongue Democrats


WikiLeaks revealed that the Democratic Party operatives that we watch as animatrons on TV become real people once they think no one watches. They want to suppress the leaked emails why, exactly? People who we thought from their cable-news performances viewed William Jefferson Clinton as a Jefferson Smith, dismissed transmitting classified documents on a private […]

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Speaking Truth to Power Becomes Sucking Up to Power


Despite a past Democratic nominee inventing the internet, the current party standard bearer struggles terribly with gizmos, gadgets, and other doohickeys associated with interweb technology. Hackers CC the emails of since-removed DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, and current DNC chair Donna Brazile to, well, everyone. But Hillary Clinton wants us […]

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