Anne Hobson

Anne Hobson is a technology policy fellow with the R Street Institute, specializing in free-market approaches to emerging technology including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and the sharing economy.

Before joining R Street, Anne was a policy associate at Facebook’s D.C, office. She is an alumna of the Mercatus Center MA Fellowship at George Mason University, where she worked with the technology policy program. In that role, she co-authored a paper on how the internet, the sharing economy and reputational feedback mechanisms solve the “lemons problem.”

Anne previously was a new media manager with The American Spectator magazine, a position she held through the Koch Associate Program.

Anne graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a bachelor’s in international affairs. She has a master’s degree in applied economics from George Mason University.

Cybercrime and the War on Digital Free Speech


The internet is increasingly a target for those who want to silence speech. An Oct. 21 cyberattack rendered social media sites like Twitter and Reddit and news sites like Fox News and CNN inaccessible to millions of users. Another attack took down the website of independent cybersecurity researcher Brian Krebs. This is a problem for civil […]

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Cuba: Mi Casa Es Su Casa


There is a truism, fashionable in American foreign policy circles, that the liberalization of trade will, over time, soften the contours of authoritarian regimes as the oppressed become acquainted with the wonders of Western goods and services. This, evidently, is President Obama’s view. And American technology companies are following suit, disrupting Cuba’s outdated economic model […]

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The Nation‘s Sympathy for Communism


The communist apologists over at the Nation, the self-described “flagship of the left,” have outdone themselves. The liberal rag, notorious for its long record of useful idiocy in the service of tin-pot dictators and tyrants, has once again fallen in love with Castro’s Cuba. You would think it was the sixties all over again. A self-congratulatory article about […]

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CBO Predicts a Hangover of Economic Proportions


According to the CBO, the Clairvoyant Bureaucratic Office, “federal debt will be growing faster than GDP, a path that would be ultimately unsustainable.” Our national debt is already bigger than our economy. The key source of upward pressure on the federal debt is expanded federal spending in the form of Obamacare, its gluttonous siblings Medicare […]

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Too Many Bureaucrats in the Kitchen


Government is obese. In the 1980s the number of pages in the federal tax code was 26,300, according to the CCH Standard Federal Tax Reporter. Now that number is over 73,954 pages. Add to that the cost of planning, time, and paperwork, and the cost of tax complexity is an estimated 6.6 billion hours per year. […]

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Environmentalists Get Coal Roll Trolled


Truck owners are artificially increasing their diesel exhaust and adding coal stacks to their pickups to smoke out environmentalists. Victims of these black smoke barrages include cars with Obama-Biden stickers and low-emission vehicles like the Honda Fit and the Toyota Prius. Their drive-by debauchery drives home the political message: “Smoke on that, Obama administration.” Truck […]

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Morning Round-Up 7-8


Feature of the Day: ACLU Calls into Question Why West Springfield Police have Two Grenade Launchers    Morning Headlines   Associated Press  1.  Israel Launches Military Offensive Against Gaza  2.  Border Money Request Will Precede Policy Proposals   Politico  1.  Behind Harry Reid’s War against the Koch Brothers  2.  Poll: Clinton Ahead, Paul leads GOP   Reuters  1.  Moscow Accuses United […]

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First-World Activism: The Paradox of Social Justice


A recent satirical article titled “What I learned about capitalism by walking into a Starbucks and screaming ‘capitalism!’ at the Barista over and over until they had to call the police” was written in jest, but it spoke to a frightening trend. First-world activists have redefined themselves as anti-capitalist proponents of “social justice.” Social justice is not […]

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Morning Round-Up 7-1


Feature of the Day: What Happens When a Prep School’s Black President Mocks Her White Male Classmate   Morning Headlines                                                           Associated Press 1.   Hamas Member Killed After […]

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Obama Orders NASA to Prioritize Climate Change


NASA is becoming just another tool in President Obama’s climate agenda. This week marks the one-year anniversary of President Obama’s climate change speech in which he raged against greenhouse gas emissions. He proposed a series of executive actions on climate change and blamed Congress for failing to act on his fearmongering agenda. The executive actions […]

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