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Being Respectful Doesn’t Necessitate Being Weak

What Chip said. Read every word. I agree with 99 percent of it. The Republicans aren’t being tough enough. Republicans, says Chip Hanlon at Red County, “they’ve learned nothing from their Party summit beat-down at the hands of the President a few weeks ago; they are determined to let his words go unchecked yet again. It’s too painful to watch.”

I’ll add this: Maybe what they need is a good right-leaning journalist in there. The problem is that this thing is set up not as a discussion, but as a Q&A session with Obama getting to answer all the questions. Politicians are accustomed to answering questions, to trying to sound lik the experts, not to asking questions. And the GOP politicians, here and in most forums, just don’t know how to ask questions in a way that makes their points best. It really is painful.

Back to Red County for more.

Oh…. I can’t bear to leave it at that. It’s also incumbent to add that Obama again is acting like a supercilious jerk. Phil is doing a great job covering all of Obama’s obnoxiousness. His time doesn’t count against the Democrats’ time. He gets to decide when to cut off Republicans, but they can’t cut off the Dems. He gets to decide when a point is off topic. He gets to lecture, but not to be lectured to. What a jerk. But that leads us back to Chip’s point: He gets away with it only because Republicans LET him get away with it.

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