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A Trump Conviction? Be Careful What You Wish for, Democrats
January 6th committee (PBS News Weekend/YouTube)

My paternal grandmother — God rest her soul — was a confirmed independent. She could remember a time when women were not allowed to vote, and she took great pride in franchise and scrutinized the records of candidates very carefully. She was the kind of swing voter that both parties will be targeting in 2022 and 2024. However, one thing she did not tolerate was interference with her soaps. The January 6th hearings would not have pleased her as they have frequently pre-empted one or more of the daily soap operas, and she likely would have taken out her ire on the Democrats in the next election. I suspect that there are many soap fans who feel the same way. Despite Democrat and establishment RINO Republican protestations of moral horror concerning the overrunning of Capitol Hill, few Americans doubt that the real goal of the hearings is to incite a trial leading to a felony conviction for Donald Trump, which will make him ineligible to run for the Presidency in 2024. They should be careful what they wish for because they may get it.

Some polls show Joe Biden beating Trump in a head-to-head match-up if the election were to be held today. Both men are deeply unpopular with large segments of the American public and a second Trump-Biden match-up for many of the swing voters who now decide elections would be a contest to pick the least repugnant option. With Trump out of the way, the Republicans would have their choice of some very attractive candidates who would run on the things many people liked about “the Donald’s” policies without his personal baggage. On the other hand, the Democrats would be stuck with Biden or one of the left-wing hacks that are increasingly dominating the Democratic Party. Some Democrat commentators have pointed out that a Trump candidacy might be the best chance their party has in 2024. The hearings and a subsequent trial could muck that up.

Let us presume that the Democrats are successful in getting Trump on a felony conviction. At present, their party has only two issues; those are January 6th and abortion rights. If polls are any indication at all, neither subject is critical to the average American. The people who care intensely about either are going to vote Democrat no matter what. So much for Grandma and the rest of the swing voters. The Republicans have captured the things that the average Joe or Jill seems to care about. Many parents and some in the LBGTQ community are legitimately concerned that the movement has badly overreached, and that the pendulum has swung too far away from toleration and toward celebration and indoctrination. Similarly, the climate change mafia has overreached to a point where the economic harm and overspending associated with attacking fossil fuels has helped lead to the current round of stagflation.

Minus Trump, the Republicans have an impressive stable of attractive candidates with real accomplishments under their belts. Ron DeSantis currently heads the pack. His leadership in Florida has garnered nation-wide support and recognition and Virginia’s Youngkin has surprised many by halting the trend toward deep blue in that state. Nikki Haley has impressed many; as a conservative woman of color, she could become a very impressive candidate as 2024 nears.

Contrast that with the sad cast that the Democrats have waiting in the wings should Biden opt to sit out 2024. His Vice President is even less popular than the President. Gavin Newsom made himself a national joke by comparing his leadership of California to that of DeSantis in Florida. After that we have fossils like Sanders and Pelosi as well as far-left loons such as O’Rourke and Buttigieg.

The abysmal television ratings of the January 6th hearings should be a clear signal to the Democrats that they have purchased a ticket on the Titanic by conducting a media lynching of a defeated politician during one of the worst governing cycles in modern American history. Sane Republican pols have chosen well in not engaging in that circus one way or another. Worse for the Democrats, they are getting no credit for what little they have accomplished in the last two years. Most Americans know that scientists, not Democrats, finally got rid of the worst of COVID-19. Likewise, the Biden stimulus and infrastructure packages were forgotten soon after they were passed except that both are now catching much of the blame for runaway inflation. Hatred for Trump is really all the Democrats have. Instead of trying to get him indicted and convicted, the Democrats should be putting Mr. Trump on the endangered species list.

Gary Anderson lectures on Alternative Analysis at the graduate level.

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