Giuliani and Campaign Finance Reform

In a post that mostly has to do with John McCain, Ramesh Ponnuru wrote of Giuliani, “as far as I can tell, he still supports campaign-finance reform…” But earlier this month at the Club for Growth conference, Giuliani said McCain-Feingold was a mistake. Here was my account:

Toomey also asked Giuliani about his past support for McCain-Feingold. “It is one of many occasions in which I can point out to you that I’m not perfect, that I’ve made mistakes,” Giuliani acknowledged. “And that has turned out to be a big mistake.” He spoke about the restrictions it has placed on free speech as well as the problems with 527s and said he now realizes that the best system would be one in which you ditched the focus on spending limits in favor of more transparency.

Giuliani also had similar things to say about McCain-Feingold in August. Perhaps Ponnuru is unaware of these statements, but if he is aware of them, I’d be curious to know why he finds them unsatisfactory.

UPDATE: Ponnuru is happier.

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