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Tony Perkins on Rudy

Byron York posts a transcript of the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins talking about taking a stand against the GOP if it nominates Rudy Giuliani. Practically, I think it would hurt the pro-life cause more to have Hillary Clinton as president on the judges issue alone. Even if some conservatives are skeptical about Giuliani’s promises to point strict constructionists, they know that Clinton will appoint judges in the mold of Ginsburg and Breyer. With that said, I can totally respect Perkins when he says, “there comes a point where you draw a line on principle. And I think this this is the principal issue, the issue of life. We are not going to sit down at a table and negotiate away the protection of human life and shake hands and get up and go forward. That’s not going to happen on my watch.” The question is how large is the contigent of Republicans that feels the same way and would literally stare Clinton in the face, and decide they’d rather have her as president for four or eight years than pull the lever for somebody who is pro-choice?

Also interesting in the exchange is that Perkins emphasizes that “there are other options,” suggesting that he (and perhaps other social conservatives) would finally rally around one of the other GOP candidates to prevent a Giuliani nomination. But I found his assessment of the rest of the field rather odd:

[Romney] has a very clearly stated position on it presently. Senator Thompson has a pro-life record in the legislature. McCain is questionable on the issue.

I think he has it completely reversed. McCain has the longest record as a pro-lifer and is the most solid on the issue, followed by Thompson, and Romney would have to be the questionable one.

UPDATE: It seems as though stem cell research is the sticking point for Perkins when it comes to McCain. So, evidently, Perkins would rather support Romney, and send the message that it’s okay to be pro-choice for over 30 years as long as you announce you’re pro-life within two years of announcing a run for president.

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