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Belatedly Re: Huckabee Jabs

Jennifer did a nice PARTIAL summation of Huckabee’s weaknessnesses, but to those weaknesses and the also-discussed nastiness of his going negative so early and so frequently against the other GOP candidates (that NASTY man!), she, and everybody who comments on Huck, ought to NOT leave out his ethical lapses, or at least his serious blindness to ethical lapses around him –of which there have been many. I keep waiting for the so-called MSM to give Huck and his ethical baggage at least as much scrutiny as it has given Giuliani’s feud with some firefighters, for instance, or — and this is the best comparison — as it has given to the dating history of the wife of undeclared presidential candidate Fred Thompson. The MSM in this country is no longer even a serious institution. A pack mentality rules. Right now the pack thinks Huck is fun because he is folksy and somewhat witty, and because his rhetoric plays into the pack’s class-obsessed, liberal worldview. So he gets no serious scrutiny, even as he DOES get feted with puff piece after puff piece about “momentum” stemming from a distant second place finish in a vote-for-hire “straw poll” that elects no delegates and at which three of the four top candidates did not participate. Gee, how hard is it to finish second to the only “top tier” candidate even bothering to contest the worthless beauty contest, anyway?

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