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Debate 3, Pt. 3

Huckabee great on God, Ruxpin impenetrably dense and stupid with the followup question. Ruxpin wants Brownback to shut up, even though he’s great on Reason and Faith too. No time to get going. Gets applause, like Huckabee, anyway. And McCain now is eloquent too, sounding a seasoned Personal Deism of sorts.

And what a segue — as if it were, gasp, planned? — into the Mormon Question. Mitt goes straight to Kennedy, the only natural place to go. Follows up uncompromisingly in manly fashion. And who better to round off this most coherent and broadly sound portion of the debate than Ron Paul, reminding us that every issue people care about doesn’t have to be a monolithic centralized federal issue. Imagine.

Continuing with matters of faith, the debate turns to global warming. Rudy converts the question at once into a matter of national security, and then a matter of bipartisan human endeavor. No bolts from the heavens on this one. Mitt concurs, “no regrets.” Mitt implies that record profits are squandered on golden parachutes and CEO bonuses — at the expense of infrastructure and country. A point worth pressing further. McCain could, but instead urges oil companies to ‘re’-invest in nuclear and ‘alternate’ energy. Who will tap the populist nerve that runs through everything? Ron Paul makes the point I made last night in conversation, that corporate profits are not illegitimate simply because they are big but federal subsidies — (including our foreign policy!) — are. Gilmore grab-bags himself further into obscurity. He’s right about Kyoto, but who will remember tomorrow?

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