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Graham Says We’re Bigots

Here’s a new low from Sen. Lindsey Graham, once called “Cindy” by John McCain (Cindy is McCain’s wife), whom Graham follows around like a love-struck puppy. But in this video, not only does Graham, in talking about immigration, say he “want[s] to thank Ted Kennedy,” but he closes it by showing the true stripes of so many on the “leniency” side of the immigration debate. (Full disclosure: I am somewhere in the middle on immigration, but center-leaning to the get-tough side.) Graham, like the otherwise estimable Jeb Bush, has this despicable conceit that people on the get-tough side aren’t motivated by respect for our laws or by national security concerns or by any other acceptable motive. No, not only is their position wrong, but their motivations, according to Cindy Graham, are evil. Here’s how this wanna-be statesman closes this little speech segment on immigration: “We’re not gonna run people down. We’re not gonna scapegoat people. We’re gonna tell the bigots to shut up, and we’re gonna get this right.”

Notice how in one sentence he goes from “not gonna scapegoat people” to “tell the bigots to shut up.” What a demagogue. What a creep. So if you don’t agree with him, you are a bigot. It’s that simple. Or so Cindy says.

Somebody needs to tell Cindy to shut up. He has just insulted hundreds of my friends, and millions of fellow Americans, most of them conservative — people who welcome immigrants with open arms, as long as they actually abide by our laws and respect our culture, but who truly and honestly and lovingly believe that it is a mistake to send the signal that it is okay to break the laws of our nation.

“Tell the bigots to shut up.” We will remember this, Cindy. Oh yes, we will remember.

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