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A Trump Grows in Brooklyn

As soon as the polls closed in New York at 9 p.m., the media immediately declared Trump the victor. It took the media longer to call the race for Hillary. The exit polls showed an easy win for Trump but a more underwhelming victory for Hillary.

“All the Democrats I know distrust her,” a registered female Democrat in Long Island said to me. “To a person they think she is dishonest.”

Trump has taken to calling her “crooked Hillary,” which delighted audiences as he campaigned through the state. After a horrendous stretch, Trump’s campaign has stabilized, enjoying a “tsunami of support” in New York, as CNN’s Anderson Cooper put it. At the apparent direction of his de facto new campaign manager Paul Manafort, Trump went quiet for two weeks, avoiding pointless interviews with tendentious hosts like Chris Matthews.

Less was more for him in New York. Rudy Giuliani endorsed him, as did the New York Post, which praised his “outer-borough sensibility.” Trump grew up in the neighborhood of Jamaica Estates in Queens, which these days, under the dysfunctional leadership of New York City’s Marxist mayor Bill de Blasio, looks more and more like a cesspool.

While the mayor frets over racial “microaggressions” and insufficient funding for LGBT programs, the city is deteriorating. The silliness of de Blasio makes David Dinkins look Churchillian. It is no wonder that election day produced widespread reports of malfunctioning machines and other embarrassing anomalies at polling places. That’s Bill de Blasio’s New York.

In her so-called home state, Hillary, despite winning it by seventeen points in 2012, struggled to put away Bernie Sanders. She won handily, but she did better against Sanders in Arkansas. All the New York political machines worked hard for Hillary, but rank-and-file Democrats didn’t. They were too busy attending rallies for “Bernie.” I had the misfortune of running into one of them in Long Island City on Monday evening. It was an off-putting crowd, full of volunteers hawking Marijuana-decorated pins that urged people to “Bern One Up.”

Actress Sharon Stone has openly wondered how much “acid” Sanders dropped before he finally got a job in his forties. Had Stone been at the Long Island City rally for Sanders — fellow actor Danny Glover turned up at it — she might have renewed her concern. The rally attracted a horde of druggie dilettantes, passing out idiotic leaflets, such as one that oddly targeted the “fugitive pope.” Not Pope Francis, of course, who shares Sanders’ socialist conceits, but Pope John Paul II, who, according to the leaflet, was a “Catholic Nazi World War II criminal.” The leaflet also picked on George Herbert Walker Bush for some reason, tilting a picture of him greeting a nun in such a way that it appeared like he was kissing her. “President Bush is one of them,” asserted the leaflet, adding that he had set up “puppet Catholic dictators in third world countries” when he headed up the “diabolical CIA” in the 1970s.

Sanders used as the backdrop of his rally the skyscrapers of Manhattan, all of which were built by the capitalism he was deploring. Punctuating the phoniness of the event were the wheels his team showed up in — a six-figure black Mercedes-Benz truck. Out popped his campaign manager Jeff Weaver, enjoying an ice cream cone.

The chattering class in New York is more worried about Trump than it cares to admit. Republican turnout in the state has jumped since 2008 and 2012. According to a projection by the New York Post, as many as 135,000 more Republicans were likely to vote this year than voted in 2008.

Democratic turnout, on the other hand, may slump, if Hillary continues to leave New York voters cold. One of the reasons Bernie Sanders didn’t fare better against Hillary in New York is that it is a closed primary state, which prevented him from receiving the votes of socialists and other independents who failed to register as Democrats last year. In the latest national poll, he trails Hillary by only two points.

With anemic numbers like that, Hillary on Tuesday night was in no position to demand that Sanders drop out. But she did allow herself one gratuitous moment of gloating over Brooklyn Bernie: “Today you proved once again, there is no place like home.”

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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