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Sanders Cheeses Off Hillary

“Hillary is shrill,” said a retired New York lawyer who identified himself to me as a lifelong Democrat. He warmed to the subject of Bernie Sanders but sounded listless about Hillary. At the Harvard Club in midtown Manhattan, where one would expect some feminist enthusiasm for Hillary, I found little. A polite twentysomething, fresh out of Harvard, shrugged at the subject of Hillary. She preferred to talk about “Bernie.”

The gap between Sanders and Hillary is closing in New York, so Bill Clinton, even in his wan state, is turning up in the Big Apple’s boroughs to campaign for her. An obscure Queens publication I picked up on the street pictured him in the neighborhood of St. Albans, looking gaunt alongside overfed union hacks.

Cruz’s victory in Wisconsin has the press purring over Trump’s stumbles. It is far less interested in discussing Hillary’s. That she can’t even finish off a septuagenarian socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union exposes the depth of her vulnerability in the fall. Her stooges at the DNC did everything in their power to clear the path for a coronation and she still couldn’t pull it off.

It is amusing to see a mean and squat Hillary objecting to the “tone” of Sanders and demanding that he correct it before she deigns to debate him. The truth is that Sanders treated her gingerly for months, as his own strategists now concede. They have told the press that he blew it by giving her a free pass on the server scandal and by not ripping her corrupt ties to foreign governments and Wall Street.

Still, Sanders keeps winning. He cleaned Hillary’s clock in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii and now has plucked from her a major Midwestern state. Progressives in Wisconsin gravitated not only to his open socialism but also to his refreshing, if shambling, lack of calculation, a quality that Hillary can’t fake no matter how many consultants she hires. The headquarters for senior citizen Sanders look like the office of a high-spirited college newspaper; Hillary’s headquarters look like an assisted-living facility.

Bernie says that Hillary appears “nervous” and he is right. She is so rattled that she can’t even recite her shopworn pro-abortion lines correctly anymore. The other day she committed the “gaffe” of referring to an unborn child as a “person.” She bloodlessly blurted out on Meet the Press that “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

Of course, the media averted its gaze from Hillary’s accidental acknowledgment of the unborn child’s humanity. It was too busy dissecting Trump’s pro-life remarks. The smugness of the amoral chattering class is impossible to overstate. Journalists, many of whom have either procured abortions or paid for them, reserve their moral shock not for the killing of unborn children but for the “extreme” rhetoric of pro-lifers who dare to condemn it and treat it seriously.

Hillary got “several abortions,” according to an interview that Sally Miller, one of Bill Clinton’s mistresses, gave to The American Mirror. Miller says that Bill disclosed this tidbit to her during their pillow talk.

Naturally, the dominant media shows zero interest in investigating such matters, even as it searches high and low for evidence of minor misbehavior by Trump. Real abortions cause reporters to yawn, but they find Trump’s gotcha interview with Chris Matthews over “hypothetical” punishments for abortion riveting.

They nod as Hillary inveighs against the “extremist” in the race, though these days it is not clear to whom she is referring. Is she talking about Sanders or Trump? She apparently finds them both “unrealistic,” a slight that Bernie Sanders opaquely engaged briefly in his victory remarks after winning Wisconsin by noting that he has dragged his party toward supporting a law in favor of a minimum wage set at fifteen dollars. Indeed, Hillary, so worried about losing her grip on New York, turned up at a rally with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after he signed such legislation. Sanders has noted that Hillary never supported that level of minimum wage before. Hillary prefers that it be set at twelve dollars.

On Tuesday night, Hillary fell silent, not bothering to address anyone after her embarrassing loss in Wisconsin. The “real story,” we’re told by the media, is the struggle within the GOP. Is it? Trump has vanquished over a dozen candidates; Hillary can’t even put away one.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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