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When Hillary Clinton Yells at Someone The Media Barely Makes a Sound

Hillary Clinton really lost her cool with a Greenpeace activist yesterday who asked her during a campaign stop at SUNY Purchase if she would reject campaign contributions from fossil fuel companies. Hillary angrily responded by repeatedly pointing at the questioner and saying, “I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I am sick of it.”

But when Hillary Clinton yells at someone, the media barely makes a sound.

To the extent the mainstream media is commenting about the incident, it is to suggest that Hillary was “justifiably annoyed” with the question.

We all know that if a Republican presidential candidate had behaved in that manner it would be top story in the world right now. The mainstream media has a vested interest in making Ted Cruz look bad when he acts goodly and Hillary Clinton look good especially when she acts badly.

I am deliberately excluding Donald Trump from this scenario. Not just because Corey Lewandowski would have given the Greenpeace activist an armful before she could pose the question, but because of the unique circumstances of his campaign

We all know what kind of hell would break loose if Ted Cruz had been asked a question he didn’t like and responded by yelling and repeatedly pointing his finger. We would never hear the end of it. We would have questions about Cruz’s temperament and a lament about the lack of civility. If Cruz had cross words for a woman or a member of a racial minority group we would hear the spectre of the War on Women and charges of racism. Accusations of homophobia would have reared their ugly head if had he been anything less than civil with actress Ellen Page when she confronted him over LGBT issues at the Iowa State Fair last summer.

What I also find interesting in all this is that while Hillary can brag about withstanding 11 hours worth of questions from Republicans about Benghazi, she cannot withstand 11 seconds from someone who questions her connections to the fossil fuel industry. The Left doesn’t give a damn that four Americans died in Benghazi, but they do care if you take money from Exxon or Shell. Hillary needs street cred with the Left and as long as she gets asked questions like this she won’t have it. Hillary thinks she should be running a victory lap, but instead Bernie Sanders is gaining on her. No wonder she’s angry with Bernie. But the mainstream media will do its part to keep Hillary’s anger to herself.

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