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Bathroom Madness in the Boardrooms

How on God’s green earth did we get to this point? Apparently keeping men out of the women’s loo is now considered discriminatory and anti-gay, possibly even a hate crime, by business and political elites. (And by the usual nuts, of course, but you expect this.)

Discerning TAS readers have doubtless noticed that there is no scheme the cultural left, particularly the LGBT political movement, can come up with that is too bizarre or too offensive to the values of traditional Americans that the political class and the big business community won’t immediately fall in line with. In America’s executive suites, the man who thinks he’s a woman is king, er queen, well, royalty anyway, and must be catered to, no matter how fantastical his/her whims are, or how much discomfort and offense obliging them causes a large majority of the population.

And is there any more fantastical whim than the notion that a person with a penis, testicles, and a five o’clock shadow should be allowed to use the women’s loo if he’s feeling womanish on a particular day? If this isn’t insane, then the word insane needs to be retired from the language as having no further use. A classification that no longer classifies.

How many American women who visit the ladies’ room on necessity are really comfortable with such a person in the stall next to them? Or at the sink next to them. Not too many, I’d expect. And the number of women who are offended by this invasion of their privacy is certainly a large multiple of those who think boys in the girl’s is a swell idea and an advancement of civilization. But the feelings of these sensible women are of no account to the virtuous progressives (If you don’t think they’re virtuous, just ask them) at American Airlines and the NBA, and a host of other large corporations, who went into high dudgeon because the North Carolina state legislature passed a state law that had the effect of reversing the City of Charlotte’s bathroom bill.

What exactly guys with beards in the women’s loo has to do with putting on basketball games or getting passengers from one airport to another on time and in reasonable comfort is anyone’s guess. Some of the overwrought comments coming out of corporate headquarters on this are almost comical. The NBA worried that “this discriminatory law” may interfere with its “ability to successfully host” the NBA All-Star game, scheduled to take place in Charlotte next year. Let’s see. Fred, Bill, and Joe will have to continue using the gents, as they always have, rather than opting for the ladies, so this will make it difficult to put on a basketball game. Connect those dots if you can.

Don’t even try to tell me that there are legitimate business reasons for backing crackpot schemes such as these. Disregard the high-minded argle-bargle about inclusion and human rights. Only the inclusion and human rights of carefully selected categories of people are being attended to here. The folks who insist on these schemes do it out of devotion to a progressive political agenda, which trumps everything, including profits and the feelings of customers and employees they claim to be protecting. This is progressive political etiquette, nothing more.

And let me instruct these corporate flag-rank officers on something they obviously didn’t learn in the College of Business. That is that sex is not a matter of whim or choice. It’s a matter of far more important and unchangeable things, including but not limited to brain function, chromosomes, hormones, and plumbing. You can pump a man full of female hormones, deprive him of all that unfeminine hair, even deprive him of his marriage tackle. But that doesn’t make him a her. It just doesn’t. No matter how much progressive ideologues insist that it does.

Of course the usual suspects indulged their usual lust for indignation, ganging up on North Carolina with the usual slanders they haul out against anyone who opposes any part of their agendas. San Francisco mayor Ed Lee banned city employees from traveling to North Carolina on public business, so despicable does he consider the Tar Heel State. And movie producer/director Rob Reiner says he won’t make any movies in North Carolina and urges his Hollywood colleagues to avoid the state as well. Archie didn’t call him Meathead for nothing. But Meathead isn’t totally stupid. He didn’t say anything about not showing his movies in North Carolina. Apparently North Carolinians are not too bigoted to pay to see his work.

OK, San Francisco is where the rubber meets the sky, and Reiner is a certified left bozo. But one is entitled to wonder what’s going on with the presumably sentient MBAs at a host of corporate household names who’ve diverted so much time and effort away from turning an honest profit and providing value to their customers in order to try and force Fred, Bill, and Joe, who were never invited, into the ladies’. Whatever happened to sticking to business?

I know, of course, there were more issues in the North Carolina state bill than bathroom access. But almost certainly this insane aspect was the main motivator of legislators, many of whom have wives and daughters. Some doubtless speculated on how many pedophiles decided on the day the bathroom bill was passed that they were women. In order to construe the state legislature’s action as anti-gay, one would have to be an ideological gas-bag or a red-hot advocate. But, as we know, there’s a lot of both going around just now.

Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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