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Obama Pays Respects to Victims of Argentina’s Military Dictatorship; So Why Not Cuba’s Victims?

I have no objection to President Obama paying respect to the Argentinians who disappeared and were killed during that country’s military junta between 1976 and 1983.

It just would have been nice if Obama had done the same for the victims of the Castros. Instead, he stood in front of a mural of Che Guevara, a death squad commander if there ever was one.

To be fair, he did meet with some dissidents including a few who had been arrested prior to his arrival.

Yet surely those who have been killed by the Castro regime deserve to be remembered just as much as those who died under Argentina’s military junta.

But why did Obama pay tribute to Argentina’s victims with such fanfare?

The reason is very simple. In paying respects to those who died and disappeared in Argentina, it is yet another opportunity for Obama to apologize for America’s sins. It was an opportunity for Obama to say that America “has to examine its own policies” and chide past administrations for being “slow to speak out for human rights.” 

This isn’t to say past American foreign policy in Latin America doesn’t warrant criticism. Indeed, Argentina’s military junta was a rare source of discord between Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher especially during the Falkland Islands War of 1982. In an effort to stop the spread of communism in Latin America, several administrations were prepared to support a regime which was every bit as despotic in its nature. The United States ought not be in the business of supporting regimes that murder their own people regardless of their ideological disposition.

All of which makes Obama’s unwillingness to pay respects to those who died at the hands of the Castros & Guevara so outrageous. It would seem the only reason that Obama cannot bring himself to do so is because he would be unable to take the opportunity to once again apologize for American foreign policy.

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