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Trump’s Hysterical Critics

The parade of PC phonies fulminating over Trump grows by the day. Any candidate who can whip these frauds up into a fury can’t be all bad. In the wake of the brutal Islamic terrorism seen this week in Brussels, their bleatings about Trump’s “fascism” look even more pitifully empty.

While they try and bar Trump from the White House, the red carpet they roll out for the jihadists remains untouched. They still talk more animatedly about Trump’s “treatment of women” than ISIS’s taking of sex slaves.

The other day a self-important Washington Post editor took to Twitter to complain about the trauma she suffered after Trump complimented her looks. Who knows what this odious man might do next?

On Tuesday morning, I found myself near Great Neck, New York, which in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby is “West Egg,” where the newly rich bought mansions on Long Island Sound during the Jazz Age. Curious to see if I could find any of the “blue lawns” and “green lights” of Fitzgerald’s imagination, I drove through Great Neck’s neighborhoods (and also through the neighborhoods of Port Washington, the old-money setting for “East Egg”).

I stumbled across the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, which sits near the water. I stopped and walked the campus. The “summer cottage,” which is more like a lavish French neoclassical mansion, of the auto magnate Walter Chrysler still stands and now serves as the administrative offices for the school. It looks out over the Long Island Sound toward Manhattan. One can easily picture its terraces that run towards the water as the setting for a boozy summer party during the Jazz Age.

But these days the flappers have become feminists and woe to the students of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy who cross them. Walk into its library and you will immediately see a large collection of literature on “date rape.” The pamphlets read like tracts Eleanor Smeal and Gloria Steinem might have slapped together.

It is not hard to understand Trump’s claims of national decline when the U.S. military is more worried about date rape than Islam. While ISIS chops off the heads of Christians and Jews and blows up subways, the U.S. military is holding seminars on “appropriate” and “inappropriate” dating.

According to “What Everyone Should Know About Date Rape,” “sex role stereotypes” contribute to this plague: “Some people believe that men should be aggressive and that women should be passive and give in.” It also reminds the mariners that the “rapist could be someone you go out with — even your partner.”

Maybe they will rename it “Partner Rape.”

The pamphlet also lets female mariners know that “there is no one type of rapist” and that they should look out for gentlemen and lady callers who hold “unrealistic views of women”: “Does he or she idolize you — put you on a pedestal? He or she could feel let down and angry if you don’t live up to his or her image of you.”

Above all, the targets of these monstrous chauvinists shouldn’t blame themselves. “Dress as you please,” instructs the pamphlet in a section entitled “You Have the Right To.” And it adds another generous right, the right to “agree to have sex with someone and then change your mind at any time.”

At this rate, the rapists of ISIS won’t appear so exceptionally evil: under the U.S. military’s feminized definition of rape, every cadet is one disgruntled date away from a rape charge.

Next to the politically correct ninnies who have crippled the U.S. military, Trump looks like a repository of common sense. It is no wonder that rank-and-file Republicans are tuning out effete pundits like David Brooks and George Will to support him. “Conservatives” who quote Burke or Cicero before endorsing gay marriage and the feminist revolution are worthless. Conservatism is defined not by bow ties and mannered rhetoric but by truth-telling. Obviously, Trump isn’t an impeccable conservative. But he has more guts than his suddenly purist Republican critics, many of whom can’t bring themselves to call Islam a religion of jihad. They pretend to guard the gate of conservatism, even as they grumble about Trump’s extremism and attack him not from the right but from the trendy left, which explains why some of these supposedly conservative critics are flirting with the idea of supporting Hillary.

Trump’s easy victory in Arizona on Tuesday will make them sputter even more. But to anyone watching the terrorism abroad and the softness at home, his prospective victory appears like it may serve, in the language of Fitzgerald, as a boat against the current.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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