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Thoughts on The Islamic Terror Attacks in Brussels


Islamic terror has struck the Belgian capital of Brussels. Two bombs were detonated at Brussels’ airport and another at a subway station. As of this writing, 34 people are dead with nearly 200 people wounded.


Prior to the first explosion at the airport, witnesses heard gunshots and shouting in Arabic.


The attack comes only four days after the capture of Salah Abdeslam who was involved in last November’s Paris terror attacks & had remained at large. Abdeslam was captured in the Molenbeek section of Brussels, the same neighborhood where the bomb in the subway station was detonated.


Indeed, it was only after the Paris attacks that EU authorities began paying serious attention to Belgium as a hotbed of terrorist activity and, more precisely, activity centered around ISIS. On a per capita basis, Belgium has supplied ISIS with more fighters than anywhere else in the EU. Given that Brussels is the capital of the EU it was happening right under their noses.


Like many other European capitals, Brussels has had a large influx of Muslim immigration that was unable and unwilling to assimilate. The host country was equally unable and unwilling to demand assimilation for fear of being called racist. Put those two elements together and jihadism is bound to thrive. Under the circumstances it was only a matter of time before Belgium would be subject to a major terrorist attack. I’m only surprised it didn’t happen sooner. But given their level of organization, it wouldn’t take jihadists in Brussels long to respond to Abdeslam’s capture with deadly force.


It won’t be long before elites on both sides of the Atlantic will tell us this attack has nothing to do with Islam. This attack has everything to do with Islam. It would be like saying a KKK cross burning has nothing to do with racism.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is renewing his call to shut our borders. Of course, none of that will address the jihadists who are born and raised in this country like the San Bernardino shooter. But the fecklessness of those who fiddle while jihadis shout, “Allahu Akbar!!!” will drive voters to Trump. This will be especially true if there are more Brussels, Paris & San Bernardinos between now & November.


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