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Justin Trudeau is Condescending & Smug Just Like Obama

I watched this evening’s 60 Minutes profile of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While Lara Logan did try, she was not immune from the younger Trudeau’s charms.

But I was not so bothered by Logan as I was by Trudeau himself who came across as smug and condescending in a manner reminiscent of President Obama. Only he did so with a Canadian twist.

When Logan asked him about the possibility of a terrorist attack being committed by one of the 25,000 Syrian refugees Canada has accepted, Trudeau stated, “Ultimately, being open and respectful towards each other is much more powerful as a way to diffuse hatred and anger than, you know, layering on, you know, big walls and oppressive policies.”

So were Canadians insufficiently open and respectful when a jihadist saw fit to murder a Canadian soldier guarding the National War Memorial before making way to Parliament Hill?

Were the people of Boston insufficiently open and respectful when one of the Boston Marathon bombers placed a knapsack of explosives next to an 8-year old boy? After all, Trudeau did say the Boston Marathon bombers felt “completely excluded”. Pity the poor terrorists.

Here is what Trudeau had to say about Americans:

You know, I had a conversation one time with an American parent of a friend of mine and she was a big supporter of a presidential candidate. And I pointed out that if that person was run– if indeed this man was running to be– as Americans like to say, the “most powerful man in the world,” I just felt like it might be nice if they paid a little more attention to the world.

What he really means is that he wished America paid more attention to Canada or specifically paid more attention to him. Justin Trudeau is truly the Obama of the North.


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