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Why Isn’t Ben Carson Dropping Out?

I must pose this question.

I’ve taken a look at Ben Carson’s poll totals in the Super Tuesday states (save for Alaska). Carson only exceeds 10% of the vote in one state (Alabama where he got 10.2%). If we throw out his showing in Alabama and his worst showing in Massachusetts (where he got 2.6% of the vote), his vote total ranges between 4% and 7.6%. 

It’s true that Carson finished ahead of John Kasich in Alabama, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia (and narrowly ahead in Texas). But name me a single state where Carson actually has a chance of winning.

Kasich came within an eyelash of beating Trump in Vermont tonight and stands a chance to beat him in Ohio. Thus he has a rationale to continue in the race for at least the next fortnight. Ben Carson has no such rationale for the fortnight, much less tomorrow.

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