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Whose Side Is the RNC On?

Has the Republican National Committee been infiltrated and infested with Democrats? Or perhaps body snatchers? The boys and girls on first Street Southeast do make it difficult for anyone to say, with a straight face, that he’s a Republican.

First the RNC annoyed those frustrated with business-as-usual, don’t-rock-the-boat Republicans by making it clear they would try to torpedo insurgent Donald Trump, who was unacceptable to them but wildly popular with the Un-Boehner crowd. Then they went hat-in-hand to the Donald, pleading with him not to run as an independent. Now they’re making kissy-face with Trump, letting on that the unimaginable may not be so unimaginable after all, and have thrown National Review and principled conservatives under the bus because that venerable conservative organ published a series of cogent arguments as to how Donald Trump is not anything remotely like a conservative and is unfit to be president.

The RNC has cashiered NR from partnership in the upcoming Houston debate. RNC spokesman Sean Spicer said NR was cast into outer darkness because the magazine had decided to “go after one of our own.”

One of our own? Donald Trump? For how long now has the Donald been one of the Republican Party’s own? A few months? And for how much longer will he be? The Donald has a whim of iron and has dropped in and out of political parties like others drop in and out of restaurants. Sean, if the RNC has anything to do with conservatism (a questionable proposition), NR is one of your own. NR has been elucidating and standing up for conservative principles, policies, and candidates (most of them Republican), while Donald Trump has been whooping up abortion and single-payer health care, justifying eminent domain, and writing campaign checks to Hillary Clinton and other left-geeks.

If anyone knows of another segment of Republicans who have not been annoyed by some action of the RNC this cycle, please drop a note to Sean.

Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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