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Giuliani’s Bunker

Over at Hit and Run, Dave Weigel links to this Steve Chapman piece about how Giuliani would expand Bush’s legacy of pushing the limits of executive authority.

Weigel writes:

And Chapman goes down the rap sheet, knocking Rudy for his Eliot Ness posturing as U.S. attorney and his decision to put the city’s emergency command center in the World Trade Center, which has got to be the most embarrassing line on any ’08 candidate’s resume.

Okay if you want to criticize Giuliani’s decision to place the command center within the World Trade Center, but at least be fair. Back when the existence of the command center was made public in 1998, the overwhelming bulk of the criticism was not over the location of the command center, but the fact that it was built in the first place. Giuliani was mocked and riduculed as a paranoid nut at the time for building what was described as his “bunker.” Yes, in hindsight, he should have located it at a less vulnerable location. But he also deserves credit for worrying about such things as the dangers of bioterrorist attacks at a time when most people were focused on Monica Lewinsky and the price of their internet stocks.

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