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One-Sided War to Continue

The status is still quo. As we learned last night, President Obama’s strategy (if it even justifies that name) for dealing with murderous Islamic jihadists remains to do nothing and to hope they will become bored with killing us and stop. While most Americans want us to trash ISIS, Obama once again urged us to trash the Second Amendment instead.

On Pearl Harbor Day, Americans are justified in asking if Obama’s strategy in dealing with the Japanese would have been the same had he been president in December of 1941. Of course the question answers itself. That was a time when America closed with and destroyed its enemies. Now we ignore them, except for inconveniencing the hell out of ourselves with tortuous, often nonsensical and doomed-to-fail defensive measures. (I have to take my Rays hat off when entering the Trop so that a zit-faced attendant can establish that there is neither bomb nor hair beneath it.)

While virtually ignoring the very real problem of Islamist Jihadists shooting and blowing us up, often while yelling allahu akbar, Obama continues to lecture us about the near non-existent discrimination against and terrorizing of Muslims in America. Considering what has taken place since 1979, peaceful American Muslims have had to take remarkably little guff. This is testimony to what a fair-minded lot Americans — at least those not in the left-political industry — remain, even in the face of extreme provocation.

In his pathetic peroration last night, Obama called on Americans not to “betray our values.” Oh that we had a president who understood what those values are.

Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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