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Jeb! and Playboy

In the most recent reporting period, Jeb! Bush collected almost $7 million less in campaign cash than Dr. Ben Carson. Who would have thought this possible just a couple of months back?

As a result of relatively straitened times, Jeb! has been obliged to cut campaign workers’ salaries. Jeb!’s cash-on-hand account now is in the range of those of Republican opponents such as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

The sharp falloff in money rolling into Jeb!’s campaign should not surprise anyone following the race thus far. The campaign of the would-be Bush III has just never caught on. With the entire big business, big politics, and big money establishments wired, and more campaign cash than the GDP of a significant fraction of the world’s nations, Bush’s polls remain firmly mired in single digits. And in this distinctly un-establishment-friendly cycle, it’s hard to see how support for this uninspiring, more-establishment-than-thou candidate grows. Even a campaign with more cash than you could find in Donald Trump’s sport coat pocket can’t succeed without a candidate.

Playboy magazine without pictures of nude women, now Jeb! without oceans of campaign cash. What’s the point of either? Perhaps it’s time for Jeb! to have a quiet and thoughtful conversation with Scott Walker.

Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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